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Yazdir Dosh
Yazdir by ibplunderin.jpg
Race: Dragon
Class: Dragon
Status: Alive
First Episode: Last Episode:
Episode 219 - My Friend, the Dragon Episode 416 - The Tragic Fate of Tidtowne
MISC Info:
Pithy and Teen-like, but nice

Apparently the language Draconic sounded like Valley Girl Speak

She could speak Common, but considered it beneath her

Yazdir Dosh was a female Silver Dragon who was imprisoned by Jett Razor on the city/plane of Nareev. Doomed to be slain by him and eaten by the Nareevians during the Festival of Soloni, Yazdir was saved by the Ätlän-tã Fælcons, under the condition that she cause a distraction somewhere in the city, which she was more than willing to do. She also gave Jaela a whistle that would call her to them should they find themselves in need of Draconic assistance.

She was later called upon by Older Man Weck to help defend Wyrmsbane Keep in the absence of Jaela and Queen Aludra Wyrmsbane. Upon their return, she peaced out to Mount Celestia, as she was summoned by Bahamut, Lord of the Dragons, to fight off the attacking forces of Tiamat. Later, Jaela called her on a Sending Stone, where Yazdir told her that things were going really bad on their end. Jaela and Aludra decided to head to Mount Celestia to assist the dragons (this was later forgotten about).

After the battle, Yazdir had survived, and implied to Jaela that all of the dragons had put aside their differences, to join together as one group. She agreed to bring an army of dragons to The Feywild to help save Melora from The BBEG.