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Alias(es): God of Deception

God of Lies

God of Necromancy
Race: God
Class: God
Status: God
First Episode: Last Episode:
Episode 390 - Temptation's Hand Episode 416 - The Tragic Fate of Tidtowne
MISC Info:
No right eye, instead had a prick of red light
She was worshipped by many spies

Vecna was the god of Necromancy, Deception, and Lies. She was Bad News Bears, and also a Big Deal. After Toby Treacletart and friends reached their highest potential, and assembled 5 out of 6 pieces of The Orb, Vecna took notice of the gnome. She offered him a deal: to join forces with her. In return, she would help him to use the Orb without destroying himself and his friends...

Later, she clarified her mission: use Toby to kill all of the gods, leaving only herself and, she claimed, Toby. She was, however, the god of deception, so I'd take her offer with a huge grain of salt. Toby did accept this assignment, resulting in one of his eyes, and his hand, becoming corrupted and shrivelled. This had the benefit of giving him extra abilities, such as True Sight, and the ability to liquify the bones of anyone he touched with the hand! Scary stuff.

Later, Toby would die during the fight against The BBEG. He was resurrected via an amulet given to him by Uthgar, but in the process, the eye and hand of Vecna were stripped away from Toby. He was cured, though Melora was quick to point out that this would surely mean Vecna would come for him. Toby decided to leave the Tower of Grey, to keep his friends safe.