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Alias(es): Brody Broheim
Race: Human? Water Genasi?
Status: Alive
First Episode: Last Episode:
Episode 95 - Buzz Off Episode 427 - A Farewell to Our Family and Friends
MISC Info:
Speaks like a bro, dude

Supes chill, but supes busy 'n' shit

Where them shawties at?

Uthgar, my dude, was like, a fuckin' god, bro. He was totally the god of strength 'n' shit, and was all about shorties and chillin'. Some of his bros included Thom the fucking Dragon Man, and my dude Lex.

In Episode 367 - In the Mother's Shadow, The Tower of Grey met a party dude named Brody Broheim, who loved drinking and partyin' and shorties, etc. He was revealed to be the father of one Skud Derringer, and then, revealed to also be Uthgar. He claimed to occasionally take human form, to hang and party and chill. During this time, he was in a relationship with a Marid named The Maroness, with whom they birthed Skud. He then took Skud and hid him in a a monastery in his name, in Ssathra, with the task of guarding a powerful, god-killing artifact. This also caused him and the Maroness to break up, as she was trying to find Skud, though he refused to tell her where he was.

After getting a cursed Ring of Exhaustion put on him by Skud, Uthgar sat down to re-evaluate his decisions, and came to the conclusion that he's been not that cool a dad. He resolved to change that, and offered Skud that should he ever have need of him, just call out for him, and he'd be there... He's still wearing that ring, though. He later showed up in The Crossroads, and helped Skud and co defeate a Tarrasque. He then accompanied them to Bigby's Realm to find Bigby (this was then forgotten about, and he wasn't mentioned as going on this trip).

It was later revealed that Lahni Caplain served a god of partying and good times named Ginger, who turned out to be Uthgar wearing a Gengar Pokémon hat. Not to be confused with Gengar. Speaking of Gengar, however, Skud was able to get Uthgar to remove the ring after some emotional closure between the two of them, when Uthgar told Skud he was proud of him, and Skud gave Uthgar some macaroni art. Skud asked Gengar to take the ring, lying and saying that it was a boon. Uthgar, however, told the truth. Desipite this, Gengar decided to take the ring anyway, so Uthgar was freed! He went off to go take a nap.

Later, Skud drew a card from his Deck of Many Things that imprisoned him in some sphere in an unknown plane. No one knew where he was, and no one could find him. At the same time, without knowing about any of this, Uthgar decided to make himself mortal, so as to spend the rest of his remaining time with his son. Upon hearing of Skud's fate, Uthgar decided to take Skud's dog, Squelch, on an adventure to find him.