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Time That Erodes Young Love
(Tim Lanning)
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Race: Human?
Status: Alive
First Episode: Last Episode:
Leviathan 1 N/A
MISC Info:
*Level 5
*Fancy lad
*6 feet tall
*Didn't breath for some reason.

Time That Erodes Young Love was an adventurer who was hired by Ridley to investigate the mysterious city beneath the Razorback Mountains.

Appearance & Personality[]

He was very well dressed, with fine robes of deep blue, and slashes of crimson. He wore lots of fine, golden jewelry, and a dagger. Most notable, however, was the plain white mask he wore, with no discernible features other than a wide, sharp-toothed smile. There were eye holes cut out of the mask, revealing his intense eyes. Beneath his clothing, he appeared to be rather frail.

He was a fancy, elegant man, who demanded nothing but the best, and most expensive accouterments wherever he went. He was also very pretentious, insisting that he be called by his full name. He was accompanied by Briar, an assistant who owed a debt to the "Sanguine Sundries", purveyor of fine antiquities (presumably Time That Erodes Young Love's business), as well as a silver pseudo-dragon familiar named (I believe) Vandrian.

Powers, Stats, & Abilities[]

  • Knew the following spells: Eldritch Blast.
  • Stress = 10 (no modifier)
  • Spellcasting Attack Bonus = +9
  • Spellcasting Ability Modifier = +5
    • Given his use of an Eldritch Blast, I believe TTEYL is a Warlock, due to that being a cantrip in the Warlock spell list. However, I was only looking in the vanilla PHB, so it might be a class/subclass that's not in the PHB. If he is a Warlock, then his Spellcasting Ability is Charisma. Since his proficiency bonus is +3, that means his CHA mod is a +2.
  • Initiative +3
  • Deception +8
  • Had bracers that either allowed him to cast 2 spells, or was just his focus and he could cast 2 spells through some other means.
  • Could read every language.