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Tidtowne is a cave settlement northeast of the Swamps of Ichtaka. It was founded by Cheryl Meloncamp during the events of the Demon Apocalypse, as a safe-haven for anyone she could gather. Tidtowne is known for taking in all kinds of creatures, but not demons, for obvious reasons.


During the Demon Apocalypse, the entrance was constantly guarded, because of the demons. Cheryl, being the good kind of leader, would join the guard when she could. One day, she was frozen by an ice demon.

It was later revealed, for some fuckin reason, that everyone in Tidtowne had died, perhaps by Steve Meloncamp's hands, and turned into Flesh Golems. This does not include any player characters, or Xena Meloncamp.

Notable Occupants[]

MISC Information[]

  • Regionally referred to as either "Tide-town" or "Tid-town", or locally, as "Tiddy-Town".