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Race: Human
Status: Dead
Cause of Death: Decapitated by Thom the Dragonborn, mostly as a goof
Affiliations: Lord Milnor
First Episode: Last Episode:
Episode 7 - The Next Level Episode 9 - Thokas Takes a Header
MISC Info:
Had sideburns for days

Thokas was a minor antogonist of Season 1 - So We Woke Up On Slabs. He was a minion of Lord Milnor, and made infrequent trips to Mastwick from Shadowspar Keep with a heavy tarped wagon. His equipment included chainmail armor, a great sword, and a device to control robots. His armor and sword later belonged to Thom the Dragonborn and Junpei Iori took his device in a botched attempt to save the team. Thokas was accidentally murdered by Thom in the first of many "good cop, bad cop" attempts gone wrong. His head was taken by Thom for his pile of bodies, later to become the main head of Steve the Gnollem, which was, arguably, his greatest claim to fame.