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The God Killer (or, The Artifact) (formerly known as The Orb) was a magical device designed by one of the first gods with the intention of killing the other, evil gods. When each god died, they would break into several aspects, which are the gods we came to know later on. After all the other gods were destroyed, the original Circle of Seven turned on their leader, who created the God Killer, and used it to kill them. It was then broken into seven pieces, and scattered throughout the Multiverse[1].

Years later, the core was pilfered from the Monastery of Uthgar by The Tower of Grey, during the year 1716. It had previously been guarded, unknowingly, by Skud Derringer (per the machinations of his father, that very same Uthgar), who joined the Tower after the Monastery was destroyed by Pyre. The God Killer, in Orb form, also served as a map, that revealed the locations of of the remaining missing pieces when one of the six dots along its surface was pressed[2].

Recent Events[]

Searching for Lahnik "Lahni" Caplain's missing brother Lannie Caplain, the party encountered the Monastery in the desert of Ssathra, the southern continent of Drunkeros. There, they met Skud[3], who gave them a tour, which included the treasure room. After taking out Skud's Old Master, whom Skud had attempted to bring back to life[4], they investigated the treasure room, found the Orb, and were pondering how it worked, and what to do with it, when they were attacked by Pyre[2]. Escaping to their airship, Toby Treacletart inspected the Orb, noticing that one of its six dots was glowing. Pressing it revealed a shimmering, translucent image of a forest of strange trees[5].

The party, due to unrelated reasons traveled to the Feywild[6], and, unsure of what their next move should be, checked out the Orb again. It behaved differently this time. The button, lit with a greenish-white color, revealed to the the ghostly image of the Castle of the Spring Court. The other buttons, while inactive before, this time lit up red when pressed, and revealed other locations, believed by the Tower of Grey to be other planes. One showed The City of Brass, a large city surrounded by a giant wall, made out of a strange gleaming metal. Another showed an eerie subterranean cave. A fourth, a flaming city, with building broken in half. There was a flowing stream in a rolling hills, and a barren plain, peaked with a massive fortress, made of a dull metal and surrounded by soldiers in "perfect lines"[7].

Meanwhile, an ancient wizard named Bigby summoned together a new Circle of Seven, group of adventurers to travel to The Abyss and slay the demon lord Orcus[8]. They did this and were seemingly successful[9].

The Tower of Grey arrived at the Castle of the Spring Court, and landed on top of it. They needed to get inside, but didn't know how, so they used the Orb to see what it would show them. That was a visual of the very castle they stood on. Not super helpful. Eventually, they made it inside[10], and found the goddess Melora, Queen of Spring, trapped by the Jade Pyramid. This was done by the hand of Adira Harper, a member of The Circle of Seven. At the top of the tiny Pyramid was a blinking red light, and Lahni, who had the Orb, noticed that the node for the Feywild was blinking as well. She had the idea to touch the two blinking nodes together, which had an effect. The Pyramid locked into place there, and from then on, the Orb and the Pyramid were fused together[11].

The party next traveled to Elysium, at the suggestion of Melora. While crossing the portal to that world, Lahni noticed that two of the nodes were blinking, the one for Elysium, and the one for the metal walled city in a very hot place[12]. While there, they learned that the god of that realm, Pelor, had vanished[13]. This would be the second missing god in association with the Artifact. Strange. The party speculated that, since there was a thing that attached to the Orb in the last location, probably there would be one here, too. They also inferred that the Artifact acted as a sort of homing beacon; The closer they got to the location the Artifact was pointing them too, the more specific the location shown became[14].

After rescuing the young Prince Thom Harper, and reuniting him with his mother Queen Ashayara Dayne, the party next turned to Eckhart Dayhammer, an ally of theirs and member of The Circle of Seven. He told them that the City of Brass was in The Elemental Plane of Fire. It was also at this point that the party realized that after entering Elysium, the corresponding button on the Artifact began showing the Shadowfell, meaning that something was changing, and the Artifact was reflecting that change. Dayhammer claimed that Adira Harper was up to no good, and was trying to make trouble in the neighborhood[15].

The gang next traveled to Grull, in the Shadowfell. Upon entering, they were attacked by Grull guards, arrested, and had all of their belongings taken from them, including the Artifact[16]. After staging a good, old-fashioned prison break, they got all their stuff back. Toby also found himself a Crystal Ball of Telepathy[17], which he used to Scry on Pelor and ascertain his position. Finding him to be their in Grull, under the capture of one Josail Longshadow, the team went to his aid. They found that he was being held captive in the same way Melora had been. And also, Torog was with him, captured as well by another pyramid. The Tower of Grey defeated Josail and freed Pelor, taking the pyramid for themselves. They did the same with Torog, making 3 pyramids attached to the Orb. It was, at that point, beginning to form a cube. Pelor was repelled by the Artifact, and recoiled from it. He told his rescuers to seek out Ioun, who would have more information for them[18].

Ioun did reveal a lot to the party. She, too, recoiled at the sight of the Artifact, though she was able to tell them of it's dark past, and that they must assemble it completely, and then destroy it[1]. She also told them about two of the remaining three locations on the God Killer, where they could find two of the remaining three pieces.

The first was the headquarters of the bank, Ferrim Pecunia, in Avernus, the first layer of the Nine Hells (domain of the dragon god Tiamat). To enter, they would need to acquire some kind of permission.

The second was in The City of Brass, located in The Elemental Plane of Fire. Specifically, it was showing them the Elite Forge, which they would be unable to enter without the express permission of the Efreeti ruler, Natar DuMonte. And in order to that, they would have to earn the four badges necessary. Those badges could be earned by defeating the Champion of each of the Elemental Planes.

The third location was unknown to Ioun. She claimed it must be some kind of trick, or the device was tampered with in some way.

Ioun told them that the Artifact contained pieces of the souls of the original proto-gods that created it, rendering it impervious to magical influence[19].

Oseary Drakoolus knew about the Artifact[20].

The Tower traveled to the Ferrim Pecunia bank in Avernus of the Nine Hells next, to find the next piece of the artifact. They found that it was being held behind a vault, guarded by 5 key-card locks[21]. Before trying to find these key-cards, Toby Treacletart attempted to Dimension Door himself into the vault, only to find it booby-trapped to kill him upon entering[22]! It was okay, though, because he had a clone that he then was reborn into[23]. With no other way to cheat their way into the vault, the party went about collecting the necessary key cards, and eventually made it into the vault! They didn't have long to celebrate, however, as Tiamat was attacking! They collected the piece of the Artifact, and teleported out of there, now with 4 of 6 pieces collected[24].

Meanwhile, rumors of Adira Harper's location had reached the ears of Queen Aludra Wyrmsbane and her wife Jaela. Together, they took some friends (including Eckhart Dayhammer) and headed to Sigil to find her[25]. They were successful, but upon encountering her, she immediately sent Eckhart Dayhammer into a Maze She attempted to explain herself to Aludra, Jaela, and the rest of them, but seemed unable. Instead, she promised to show them[26].

The Tower of Grey looked to The Orb, which showed them the City of Brass[27], so that's where they traveled next. This led them on a long journey to compete in that Bones tournament. Along the way, Skud Derringer learned that Uthgar was his father, and had left him there deliberately to guard the Artifact, unbeknownst to Skud[28]. Eventually, Skud was able to collect the four necessary badges and defeat the Champion, renamed to Lucious Incendous now. Incendous, upon seeing the Artifact, recognized it, and said that Tiamat was after it, and the piece that was locked away in the Elite Forge. He encouraged them to go there immediately and retrieve it[29]. Which they did[30].

With only one piece left to go, the Tower of Grey returned home to rest, and consider their next move. There, Toby was met by the god Vecna, who offered him a warning. The Artifact, once completed, would be too powerful for them to use. It would destroy them. But, she offered Toby a deal. She would help them wield its power if Toby would join her and become partners. She left Toby to think on it[31].

After that, the party learned that their friends Aludra Wyrmsbane, Jaela, and Adira Harper were all being held in The Slime Pits of the Abyss, and so they made their way there to rescue them. Upon arriving in the main hall of Zuggtmoy, Queen of Rot, they saw those three being held captive, as well as Orcus, who had not been previously defeated, only subdued. He was being held by the final piece of the Artifact[32]!

The party barged into battle, underpowered and ill-prepared. During this fight, it was revealed that Eckhart Dayhammer had actually been Trant Thumble the whole time. He desired to get the Artifact for himself, and use it to take the power of the gods. Ultimately, the Tower of Grey were no match for Zuggtmoy, Thumble, and Celtra Wimblepuck. One by one, they were all killed, except for Lahni. She was able to run up to the final piece, which was containing Orcus, and attached it to the Artifact. She expected this to free Orcus, who would then fight Zuggtmoy. Instead, this killed Orcus[33]! His power was transferred into Lahni, who then, like the other gods, was unable to touch the Artifact. She dropped the now complete God Killer and ran, smacking Zuggtmoy out of the way like she was nothing. Eventually, she made it back to her friends[34].

Adira was able to explain herself. She told the party that she was acting in what she believed was the best interest of all the realms. There was an imbalance in the nature of good and evil, and as a member of the Circle of Seven, was under the orders of Bigby to capture Melora. However, she realized she was being used for the wrong reasons when her capture caused a bunch of portals to open, and Lolth attacked. That's when she went rogue, and tried to make things right. She became suspicious of Eckhart, but was placed under a curse to be unable to tell anyone about his deception. At that point, everyone realized that the God Killer was down in the Abyss with Trant/Eckhart[35]!


Location Description God / Ruler
Feywild "forest of strange trees" Melora
Elysium "a flowing stream in a rolling hills" Pelor
Shadowfell "an eerie subterranean cave" Torog[36]
Ferrim Pecunia in The Nine Hells "a barren plain, peaked with a massive fortress, made of a dull metal and surrounded by soldiers in 'perfect lines'" Tiamat
The City of Brass in The Elemental Plane of Fire "a large city surrounded by a giant wall, made out of a strange gleaming metal" Natar DuMonte / Lucious Incendous
Caer[35] "a flaming city, with building broken in half" Trant Thumble?

Notable Owners[]


  • It was egg-shaped[2], and roughly the size of a basketball[7].
  • Now in the shape of a cube[33]



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