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The Goblin Pit
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Location: Rimeford
Notable Occupants: T'Chuck
Dred Flintbeard
Status: Intact
First Episode: Last Episode:
A Misread Situation (2x02) N/A
MISC Info: May actually be spelled "The Gobblin' Pit"

The Goblin Pit was a tavern in the small village of Rimeford. T'Chuck worked part-time as a server there, and R'Oarc would also perform there on occassion. It was owned and operated by Ratma Ritmo. Also working there were Meat, Dred Flintbeard, and, until his untimely demise, Elwin Trantor.

Recent Events[]

Selene von Esper and Screech echo stayed here during their investigation into the mines. While there, Selene developed a taste for their signature Fire Wine. Ratma misinterpreted Screech's intentions, and believed he was flirting with her, so she became enamored with him. The next morning, everyone was awoken to a bloodcurdling scream. Upon investigation, they found the dead body of Elwin Trantor.