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The Feywild
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Location: The Multiverse
Contains: The Castle of the Spring Court
Ruler: Melora
Notable Occupants: Old Ben Dilladong
Status: Intact
First Episode: Last Episode:
Episode 259 - Welcome to the Feywild N/A

The Feywild was an alternate plane to the Prime Material Plane, where the main events took place. It was a sort of mirror world, almost like a parallel dimension, where things were the same but slightly different.

Recent Events[]

The Tower of Grey, upon learning of the disappearance of Prince Thom Harper, searched his room for clues, and discovered a device attuned to the Feywild[1]. They prepared themselves, then traveled there in search of the missing prince. There, they discovered tracks that ended there, and decided to follow them back to where the tracks came from. Along the way, they discovered a spider web with bodies in it, one of which was squirming. Before they had a chance to rescue the person, they were attacked by giant spiders[2].

Later, when The BBEG made his final move to kill Melora using The God Killer, the entire forces of the Multiverse met in battle outside of the Castle of the Spring Court, Melora's home.


  • Like the Upside Down, but with fairies