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The City of Brass
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Location: The Elemental Plane of Fire
Contains: The Elite Forge The Coliseum
Ruler: Emperor Natar DuMonte
Notable Occupants: The Efreeti
Status: Intact
First Episode: Last Episode:
Episode 334 - Welcome to the Elemental Plane of Fire Episode 387 - The Elite Forge

The City of Brass was a city in The Elemental Plane of Fire, which served as a trade hub for the elemental planes. It contained The Elite Forge, a championship committee that could only be accessed by those who have gotten consent from Emperor Natar DuMonte, the leader of the City of Brass. He would only allow through those who have defeated leaders in each of the four elemental planes: wind, earth, fire, and water.

Recent Events[]

The Tower of Grey, on their mission to save the world, visited Ioun, goddess of knowledge, seeking information on The Orb, which was showing them images of location throughout The Multiverse. One of those locations was The City of Brass.