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The... Rescue?
(Campaign 2 - Episode 21)

{From left to right:} Professor Devin Decacog, Screech Echo, R'Oarc, T'Chuck, Captain Clint (I think; above), and Selene von Esper (below)

Release Date: June 20, 2022
Recording Date: June 14, 2022
Episode Length: 57:33
Cast & Characters
Michael DiMauro: Dungeon Master
Tim Lanning: T'chuck
Jennifer Cheek: Selene von Esper
Nika Howard: R'oarc
Mike Bachmann: Screech Echo
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Ant Trap (2x20) Dark and Sticky (2x22)

Hmmm this plan is going all squirrelly so not too sure what the gang is going to do to fix it. Hopefully the dreaded OT is thankful to their new heroes… It could happen.


Long Story[]

Here's the situation: The party is hidden in the forest, watching as the carriage containing Adepts from the Ordinatio Theonitus gets attacked by a horde of insects. The bugs have created a sinkhole in the ground, which the carriage is being pulled into. The two OT Adepts are trying to escape, but when the horses break free of the carriage and run off, the Adepts fall back into the pit. The party decides to run in and help them. Since they don't bother checking the Wiki for their Initiative rolls last episode, they roll again, and leap into battle.

Lucee doesn't have quite the handle on the insects as they'd like, so the party has to fight off some Dragonflies and a Praying Mantis, all extra large sized. T'Chuck runs to the pit and T'Chucks a hammer at one of the giant beetles in there, before turning back to help his friends. Selene creates a Maximilian Hand to Earthenly Grasp at these creatures, but it struggles to grab onto anything. The Dragonflies swarm up and do many bites on the party, but they deal back in turn. Screech is able to bring one down after doing an opportunity attack that may or may not have been legal. There's no way to know. Selene's hand finally grabs the other Dragonflies, and squashes it like the bug that it is. Finally, the Praying Mantis is the last one kicking. And kick it does. In fact, it downs T'Chuck, nearly killing him. But Screech is able to finish this thing off, too.

After the battle, Selene looks down into the pit. The beetle has been killed, and there's a large opening that goes deeper underground. The Adepts are missing... Also, R'Oarc heals T'Chuck.


There's a fight between the insects that are attacking the OT, and the party. Selene is able to kill one of the Dragonflies, and Screech kills the other, as well as a giant Praying Mantis, but not before it takes out T'Chuck. After the battle, R'Oarc heals T'Chuck. The Adepts, however, have vanished into a hole in the pit.


  • R'Oarc does have a knife with other knives on it.

In This Episode...[]

Cast and Player Characters[]

Non-Player Characters[]

  • Two OT Adepts



T'Chuck Selene von Esper R'Oarc Screech Echo General Inventory
(More than) 5 gp, 17 sp
Hunting Knife
Bear Pelt[2x02]
A stick[2x04]
R'Oarc's Quill[2x04]
Mining Hammer[2x05]
Mining Helmet[2x05]
Heavy Armor[2x06]
Theonite Collar
Various Books
Devin Decacog's ring from The Farhold Trumpeter[2x14]
Bear Skull[2x02]
Torture Knife[2x05]
D20-sized rock of Theonite[2x16]
Theonite Sending Stone[2x17]
Knife with another knife attached[2x19]
Theonite Ring of Protection[2x19]
30,000 Dollars (not gold pieces)
Meat Flask
+1 Battle Claws[2x05]
Dirt Scooping Pen[2x13]
Grappling Hook[2x01?]
Bits of Theonite[2x16]
Theonite Sending Stone[2x19]
Various lab equipment, such as scalpels and syringes[2x16]
Several drawings of ants[2x16]

Quest Log Updates[]

  • [Success] - Survive the impending attack from the Order
  • [NEW][Active] - Find the Adepts from the Order
  • [On-Hold] - Investigate the mysterious goings-on in Rimeford


  • "This Mantis is Praying no one notices it!" ~ Mike Bachmann
    "Ah! No! Go to jail!" ~ Nika Howard


Combat Begins vs Insects and OT Adepts

  • Initiative is re-rolled, since they forgot their rolls from the last episode
    • Screech - 29
    • T'Chuck - 22
    • R'Oarc - 22
    • Selene - 21
  • Dragonfly 1
  • Dragonfly 2
  • Praying Mantis

  • They all rolls Stealth to be hidden when combat begins
  • R'Oarc - Nat 20 + 4
  • T'Chuck - 15
  • Selene - 10
  • Screech - 13

Round One

  • Screech
    • Melee Attack vs Dragonfly 2 {x2} - Nat 1 10 13, 22 20
      • Miss, Hit - 13 damage
    • Uses Bonus Action to Hide, using Stealth - 25
      • Success - He is hidden

  • T'Chuck
    • Runs to the pit
    • Ranged Attack (Light Hammer) vs Beetle - 17
      • Hit - 6 Bludgeoning damage

  • R'Oarc
    • Melee Attack (Rapier) vs Dragonfly 2 - 18
      • Hit - 4 damage

  • Selene
    • Casts Maximilian's Earthen Grasp (Uses a Sorcery Point to Quicken it) vs Praying Mantis, requiring a STR Saving Throw - 20
      • Not grasped, but takes half damage?
    • Also grasps Dragonfly 1? I don't understand. Dragonfly 1 must do a STR Saving Throw - 20
      • Not grasped?
    • Uses a Bonus Action to Telekinetic Shove the Praying Mantis, requiring another STR Saving Throw - Nat 20 + 4
      • Not shoved

  • Dragonfly 1
    • Melee Attack (Bite) vs R'Oarc - 23
      • Hit - 6 damage

  • Dragonfly 2
    • Melee Attack (Bite) vs Selene - Nat 1
      • Miss

  • Praying Mantis
    • Melee Attack (legs) vs T'Chuck {x2} - 9, 16
      • Miss, Miss

  • Screech
    • Makes an (illegal) Opportunity Attack against Dragonfly 2 - 19
      • Hit - 14 damage - Kills It

Round Two

  • Screech
    • Real turn now. Melee Attack vs Praying Mantis {x2} - 16, 24
      • Hit, Hit - 18 + 8 damage

  • T'Chuck
    • Attempts to push the Mantis into the pit, using a Strength check - 11
      • Vs the Mantis's Strength - 21
        • Not pushed
    • Gives R'Oarc 4 temporary hit points

  • R'Oarc
    • Melee Attack (Rapier) vs Praying Mantis (with Advantage) - 7 20
      • Miss Hit - 8 damage

  • Selene
    • Attempts to grasp Dragonfly 1, requiring a DC 13 STR Saving Throw - 12
      • Fail - 8 Bludgeoning damage, and grasped
    • Uses a Bonus Action to Telekinetic Shove the Praying Mantis, requiring another STR Saving Throw - 23
      • Not shoved

  • Dragonfly 1
    • Attempts to escape the grasp - ??
      • Fail

  • Praying Mantis
    • Melee Attack (legs) vs Screech {x2} - 13, 25
      • Miss, Hit - 11 Piercing damage

Round Three

  • Screech
    • Melee Attack vs Mantis {x2} - 18, Nat 1
      • Hit, Miss - 17 Piercing damage

  • T'Chuck
    • Melee Attack (Mace) vs Mantis - 17
      • Hit - 7 damage

  • R'Oarc
    • Melee Attack (Rapier) vs Mantis - 7
      • Miss
    • Melee Attack (Dagger) vs Mantis - 7
      • Miss

  • Selene
    • Crushes the Dragonfly again, but it has to make a STR Saving Throw to escape - 5
      • Fails - Doesn't get out, and takes 8 Bludgeoning damage - Kills It
    • Uses a Bonus Action to Telekinetic Shove the Praying Mantis, requiring another STR Saving Throw - 15
      • Not shoved

  • Praying Mantis
    • Melee Attack (legs) vs T'Chuck - Nat 20
      • Hit - 24 damage - Downs him

Round Four

  • Screech
    • Melee Attack vs Mantis {x2} - 20, 17
      • Hit, Hit - 15 + 7 damage - Kills it

Combat Ends

  • R'Oarc heals T'Chuck - 9 HP