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Ssathra was the name of the Southern-most continent of Drunkeros. It was known to be a dry, dessert-y place, with a large mountain range. It was here that The Tower of Grey sought to find Lahnik "Lahni" Caplain's brother, Lannie.

Recent Events[]

Lahni came to The Tower of Gray to ask Rowan Grey and Toby Treacletart to help find her missing brother, Lannie. She believed he could be found in Ssathra, as their grandfather, Peepaw Caplain, would often fill their heads with tales of treasure to be found in the Monastery of Uthgar. Lahni thought it possible that Lannie went to dins this treasure, so she and the other members of The Tower of Grey went there to find him. Instead, they found Skud Derringer.

Notable Occupants[]