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Screech Echo
(Mike Bachmann)
Screech Echo.jpg
Alias(es): Master Screech
Squirrel Man
Koala T
Drop Bear
Man Ant
Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Status: Alive
Affiliations: Reverb Mining and Logistics
First Episode: Last Episode:
Welcome To Rimeford (2x1) N/A

Screech Echo was a dark and brooding character. He ran a mining company called Reverb Mining and Logistics, which earned him enough money to fund his extra-nocturnal activities. By night, we would dress up as a rodent-themed vigilante and attempt to fight crime.

Appearance and Personality[]

Screech had dark, "nicely quaffed" hair. He was described as "hot", and wore a long pea-coat with a black turtleneck sweater.

Screech's defining character trait was his inability to get over the loss of his parents, at the hands of magic using criminals years ago. This event fueled his night-time activities, hunting down criminals in the night. As Screech, he tried to be charming and amiable, which he mostly succeeded at. He was not, however, as subtle as he thought he was, and his secret life as a crime fighter was constently on the brink of being exposed.


Early Life[]

Not much is known about Screech's early life. His parents, Blast and Toot Echo, were killed when he was young, prompting him to pursue a life of crime-fighting as a costumed vigilante. He was extremely wealthy, living in a palacious mansion alongside his man servant Milton Graves.

Stats & Abilities[]


  • Max HP = 13
  • INT = 13
  • WIS Saves +1 (This means he either has a -1 mod (and a +2 prof bonus), or a +1 mod, and isn't proficient in it. Likely it's the latter)
  • Initiative +8


  • Stealth +7
  • Medicine +1
  • Deception +2
  • Perception +3
  • Athletics -1


  • Can go stealth in combat as of Level 2
  • Roguish Archetype: Swashbuckler