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Location: Whispering Peaks
Ruler: Sir Rex Yalos
Notable Occupants: T'Chuck
Status: Intact
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Welcome to Rimeford N/A

Rimeford was a small village in the Whispering Peaks mountain region. Ruled over by Sir Rex Yalos, it was borded by a series of forests and woodlands. The woods to the west were controlled by the Grizzly-folk, but the forests to the north-east were uncontrolled. Full of elk and bears, Rimeford hunters were free to hunt game there as needed.

Years ago, a tower was constructed above a Theonite mine, by a powerful mage, who wanted to study the material. During the Mage Wars, this tower was one of the greatest assets of the White Spire, due to its proximity to the Theonite supply. However, this also made it a large target, and the tower was one of the first to fall during the conflict. Over the years, the village of Rimeford was assembled, and a knight named Sir Rexialos took up residency here. The mine continued to function, and in fact, under the leadership of Granona Flintbeard grew to be one of Reverb Mining and Logistics's biggest suppliers of Theonite.

Recent Events

Following the decreased production of Theonite from the mind, theorized to be caused by some local rebels, caused the CEO of Reverb M and L, Screech Echo to head to Rimeford to investigate. At the same time, a member of the Ordinatio Theonitus, Selene von Esper, was sent to Rimeford, also to investigate the mine's diminished returns. There, they met T'Chuck and R'Oarc. The four became a single party following the death of local busboy Elwin Trantor, under mysterious circumstances.


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