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Ratma Ritmo
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Race: Goblin
Status: Alive
Affiliations: The Goblin Pit
First Episode: Last Episode:
A Misread Situation (2x02) N/A

Ratma Ritmo was the Goblin owner of The Goblin Pit. Old, and vivascious, Ratma left an impression on Screech Echo and Selene von Esper, as well as the world. She had the voice of someone who's been smoking since birth, and a wrinkly, dangling body. She wore a loose, leopard print tube top, and an amiable attitude.

When Screech asked for a private room at the tavern, she interpreted this to mean he was interested in her. He later found her waiting for him in his bed, though he sent her away. The next morning, she'd forgotten about this exchange, but Screech convinced her that they had confessed their love for each other. Believing this, she helped him avoid suspicion regarding the death of Elwin Trantor. Later, however, he rescinded this confession, opting to stay not at the Goblin Pit, but instead at the keep of Sir Rex Yalos. This angered Ratma, who vowed that she was now his enemy. Her spirits, and her arousal, were quickly lifted by Selene von Esper promising to stay at the inn with her.