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Race: Ancient Red Dragon
Class: Dictator
Status: Alive
First Episode: Last Episode:
Episode 135 - It is Getting Hot in Here N/A
MISC Info:
Dull red scales Faded, molten-lava eyes

Pyre was an Ancient Red Dragon who took up residence and rule of Mastwick following the start of the Demon Apocalypse. In exchange for destroying the larger demons that menace the city, Pyre would collect a tribute of gold and rubies from the town. He used his power and influence to continue his rule after the Demon Apocalypse ended.

He sent the then un-named Ätlän-tã Fælcons on a mission to collect four Slaad crystals once. They were trapped in the city and there was no way out except for with his permission. It was a whole thing. They did that, and he let them leave. Much later, Pyre attacked The Monastery of Uthgar in Ssathra, with the aim of collecting The Orb, a powerful, god-killing artifact, but it was taken by The Tower of Grey before he could get it. He then became a target of that group looking to capture powerful and evil creatures throughout Drunkeros, as a way of making ammends for their recent transgresions. And also, for their game of Bones.

Bananas Foster claimed to be mortal enemies with Pyre, though this was most likely a liesource.

King Titus Harper claimed to be good friends with Pyre, though this, too, may have been a liesource.

Pyre did not work with the Raw Fury Games, not allowing the participants to enter Mastwicksource.

The Tower of Grey later traveled to Mastwick to defeat Pyre, with the ulterior motive of capturing him to use him as a bone monster in an upcoming game of Bones that they wanted to do. They were able to successfully capture him, after a glorious battle in the Colosseum of the Spike.