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Pegwing Blackfeather
(Mike Bachmann)
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Race: Aarakocra
Class: Fighter (Battle Master)
Status: Alive
First Episode: Last Episode:
Leviathan 1 N/A
MISC Info:
*Level 5
*Spoke with a piratey brogue.

Pegwing Blackfeather was an Aarakocra adventurer who was hired by Ridley to investigate the mysterious city beneath the Razorback Mountains.

Appearance & Personality[]

Pegwing was an Aarakocra with pegs for wings. Because of this, he couldn't fly, but he could fly. Mechanically, this was due to a pair of Winged Boots he wore, but in universe, who knows? He wore piratey clothing, and spoke like a pirate. He was essentially, a human sized parrot, like a pirate would have on his shoulder. To counteract this, Pegwing was accompanied by a parrot sized human on his shoulder, named Bennet. Not much is known about Bennet. He seems cool.

Pegwing slept with his eyes open, and had been sailing "for years" under the employ of the Panera Bread Company (no relation?). He would frequently reference other businesses, for reasons as yet unknown. He didn't like to be served crackers, and found the suggestion offensive, as if it were some gross stereotype. Despite this, he was nice enough, even when telling people not to serve him crackers.

Powers, Stats, & Abilities[]

  • Fought with a Flame Tongue Greatsword.
  • Stress = 16 (+3 modifier)
  • Strength = ?? (+4 mod)
  • Survival = +9