Nika Howard is a current player on the Greetings Adventurers podcast on the Geekly Inc. network (and its sister podcast, Random Encounters), and currently plays Lahni Caplain. She is also a writer on SAYER.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Birthday: February 9th
  • Partner to Otter
  • Likes anime and all things anime
  • Experienced role-player who knows a lot about the rules
  • Nika will curse your ass in Russian if you cross her
  • Nika joined the cast late, during Episode 81 - The Live Show, though she did have a guest roll, previously
  • Painted miniatures and was mentioned in Episode 53

Characters[edit | edit source]

Greetings Adventurers[edit | edit source]

Random Encounters[edit | edit source]

Firefly[edit | edit source]

Darkblade Academy[edit | edit source]

Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes[edit | edit source]

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