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Mike Bachmann is a current player on the Greetings Adventurers podcast on the Geekly Inc. network (and its sister podcast, Random Encounters), and currently plays Skud Derringer.


  • Birthday: May 4th, 1985
  • Married to Kerry Bachmann
  • Father to Baby Amelia
  • Works in some kind of networking/IT field
  • His character's names fall into one of two categories. 1: Normal everyday name, maybe spelled strangely, e.g. Thom, Steve, etc. 2: Hilarious pun that may take certain wiki editors an embarrassingly long time to notice, e.g. Bananas Foster, Jett Razor, Rolen Twentais etc.
  • No relation to the TV producer (though he will occasionally use his image as a goof on the live streams).


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The Secrets of Cats[]

  • Spaz