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Michael "Thrifty Nerd" DiMauro (the one who has all the answers I have been looking for) is a podcaster on the Geekly Network. He serves as host/Dungeon Master on Greetings Adventurers, and several arcs on the Random Encounters feed, while serving as but a player on other arcs. He is also the main host of Cast of Thrones. He is one of the two co-founders of Geekly Inc, along with one Tim Lanning.

Greetings Adventurers[]

As the Dungeon Master of the Greetings Adventurers podcast, DiMauro demonstrates a unique ability to roll with the random bullshit the other cast members come up with, while still barely managing to maintain sanity and consistency in this crazy mixed up world. Some examples include when Mike Bachmannhad his character Thom the Dragonborn kill a hobo due to his need to satiate Blood Drinker, the very next episode was devoted to a group of hobos attacking, justifying the killing (Episode 52 - A Dark Future Present, and Episode 53 - Revenge of the Hobo), or the time Nika Howard's character Jaela referenced knowing a good gnoll named Steve, resulting in that character appearing in the world not long after, and becoming one of the longest running, beloved characterson the show.

His worldbuilding is often that of reading the Song of Ice and Fire series, and doing stuff like that. But in actuality, the world of Drunkeros is, and feels, quite unique. The City of Nareev in the sky is something not seen anywhere else*, and the story arcs such as Fennekin's reveal and the Fall of House Vidalis feel iconic in the way that early seasons of your favorite tv show, or childhood video games feel iconic. You will remember them.

*Yes, I know, Age of Ultron, but the whole, "It falling to the ground" might have been avoided. Plus, Sokovia was not from another plane, sent here by a god, hanging in the sky, siphoning magic from the world, so...


  • Birthday: May 7th
  • Married to Greetings Adventurers special guest star Carly Shields.
  • He had a friend who once lived in Jersey City, New Jersey, on Jersey Avenue


Greetings Adventurers - Leviathan[]

Random Encounters[]