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Alias(es): Queen of Spring
Race: God
Class: God
Status: Alive
First Episode: Last Episode:
Bonus Episode - An Evil Trip to Slay a God - Part 2 Episode 426 - The Luck of the Draw
MISC Info:
Beautiful and radiant. Doesn't believe in panties or bras. Long, flowing red hair, in wild curls

6 1/2 feet tall1

Wore a bow slung across her back1

Melora was the god of nature and wilderness. After she began a campaign of ridding the world of evil, and making everyone good and happy, she became the target of a group of villains tasked with killing her, made up of Evil Steve, Mikal, Rika, and Tyvondrious. During the battle, it was revealed that Mikal and Melora were working together. As one, they slew the potential god-killers, and went off holding hands.

Many years later, she was found in the Feywild, leading the Spring Court, having just taken a new lover, Lady Arnaesis. It was then revealed that Lady Arnaesis was actually Lady Adira Harper, who used the Jade Pyramid to trap Melora, freezing her in place, while a portal opened, bring in the goddess Lolth1. She was then rescued by The Tower of Grey, whom she imbued a boon upon.

She was revealed to be the next target of The BBEG, prompting the Tower to travel to the Feywild with a veritable army to defend her. It was all very badass. They arrived to save her either too late, or just in time, as they found her body unmoving, and The BBEG walking toward her. During their fight, Skud Derringer used a Wish spell to heal everyone on their side, including Melora. She began glowing mysteriously, and stood up to do some kind of magical shenanigans against The BBEG! There was a mighty battle, and the BBEG was eventually defeated.

During the fight, Toby Treacletart, once under the curse of Vecna, was killed, and resurrected via an amulet given to him by Uthgar. This not only brought Toby back to life, but cleared him of his curse! While this was good news in the immediate sense, Melora assured Toby that this would mean that Vecna was going to come for Toby. She convinced him, and the rest of the Tower, to destroy the God Killer immediately, rather than use it on Vecna, or any other god. In return, she vowed to keep Toby safe from Vecna's grasp. She then threw everyone a massive celebratory feast!