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Leviathan - Episode 3
The Unseen
Release Date: November 22, 2021
Recording Date: November 16, 2021
Episode Length: 48:37
Cast & Characters
Fred Greenleaf: Dungeon Master
Michael DiMauro: Daggie Chookers
Tim Lanning: Time That Erodes Young Love
Jennifer Cheek: Briar
Mike Bachmann: Pegwing Blackfeather
Nika Howard: Faize
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The reality of their situation sets in and the adventurers have no other choice but to go deeper into this lost city. And who knows what they will uncover when they realize they are no longer alone.


Long Story[]

The party has emerged victorious in their fight against the dreaded tentacle mushroom creature. It's frozen body has crumbled across the floor, and shifting through the rubble reveals the true nature of the room they're in. Seems like it used to be a church of some kind. There are pews, now broken and shattered, hidden amongst the mushrooms. Bennett and Daggie shift through the muck, until they come across a large stone statue that's fallen onto the ground. It depicts a figure, humanoid, who is chained to a rock. A large, stone eagle pecks at an open wound in his torso. Gorman and/or Shaw comments that it seems to be some religious figure, though it takes a while for Daggie, who is familiar with the statue's story, to recognize it. He's too busy being concerned with how weird Time That Erodes Young Love is. He pulls Briar aside to talk about it, but they assure him that he's fine, he's not evil or anything. Daggie accepts that, and then turns to the statue.

The story of the statue is one that is familiar to those of Dwarven or Gnomish ancestry. It tells the tale of a titan, who, despite the orders of the gods, delivers fire to the humanoid races of the world. For this crime, the titan is chained to a rock, and is forced to have a bird come and eat his insides for eternity. So, that's horrific. But that's not the only thing in this room. There's also a small wooden chest on the ground, which is opened by Pegwing. Inside the chest, is a leather bag, which is opened by Pegwing. Inside the bag, is a set of five (5) beans, which are taken by Pegwing.

By the way, Beller was tossed aside at the end of the battle last episode. No one but TTEYL seems to care about this. Well, none of the player characters anyway. Shaw has prepared a some arcane spell, creating a floating warding circle that Gorman lifts the immobile Beller on to. It's a kind of magical stretcher, which is cool. They are, however, unsure if Beller is alive, so Faize checks him out. He is breathing, which is good, but his body is covered in bruises, which is less good. Even worse, there's a large hole in his back, from some kind of piercing weapon. Bennett, Pegwing's tiny companion, hops up, donned in petite priests robes, and applys some ointments to the wound. It does nothing.

Anyway, these beans! Pegwing wants to distribute them amongst the party, but TTEYL insists that they be careful, perhaps even leaving the beans behind. Daggie, sure that they can't be that bad, plants one in the ground and waters it. It is that bad. It immediately grows into a large Land Shark-esque creature and attacks them! It takes a big ol' bite out of Daggie, before they're able to put it down. This convinces the others to not mess with the beans... For now...

The beans stay with Pegwing, and the party takes a short rest. Eventually, they head back out into the halls, where they begin slowly, methodically, searching for clues.

They find none, for a while. There are many rooms, different bedrooms, with no signs of life. They do find some signs that there were people here, at some point, but not for some time. Some clothes strewn across a bed here, some stale food left on a dinner plate there. Briar eats some of it, at Faize's encouragement, and reports that it's not that bad. It's edible, anyway. There are also a few books, diaries of other adventures. Mostly, these are written in Dwarvish, or Gnomish, but there are a few other languages thrown in there, as well. Gorman pulls Beller behind him, on the floating disc, and the party continues on.

As they search, Daggie, apropos of nothing, begins to feel ill. He heaves, but doesn't vomit. Faize, meanwhile, finds herself separated from the rest of the party. An intense pain suddenly draws her attention to her arm, where she sees a wound beginning to form. She wraps it in a bandage, and notices the silvery ring she's wearing. Ever since she put on the ring, these strange, sudden pains have a common occurrence...

A figure darting across the hall breaks her thoughts. It's running along a perpendicular hallway, so she can't see it. She calls out to the others, not wanting to chase the thing herself. Instead, TTEYL sends Vandrian off to give chase. Through the pseudo-dragon's eyes, he can see the running figure, dressed in drab, tattered clothing, that could be burlap. They look back at Vandrian, who can also see another figure, that the first one is running toward. This other figure is larger than the first. Dressed in dark leather robes, that cover it's entire body, the figure stands ominously, a wide, chilling grin stretched across its face. But it's not a face, it's a mask. Just like Time's mask. It's white, with holes cut out for the eyes, and a wide, cartoonish grin for a mouth. Except this mask is broken, and a part of the human face beneath the mask can be seen. This face, like the facsimile that covers it, is also cracking a wide, mischievous grin.

The masked figure raises a hand, revealing a syringe, full of a strange green liquid. As the running figure makes it to the masked figure, they are met by the syringe being plunged into their neck. Time freaks out, seeing this, and when the rest of the party rounds the corner to meet him, they are all shocked to see... nothing.

The running figure, and the masked stranger, are gone...


The party finds a statue in the atrium that references our world's Prometheus myth. They also find a bag of magic beans, one of which Daggie plants to create a Land Shark. It bites Daggie, and they kill it, before moving on. Beller is carried on a magical stretcher, while the rest of them investigate the rest of the rooms. They get separated for a second. Daggie gets sick, Faize finds a ring on her finger that may be causing phantom wounds to appear on her body, and a strange person runs across the hall. Time chases them through Vandrian, before finding a doppleganger of himself? who kills the running person with a syringe full of green liquid. The two strangers then vanish...


  • Faize's Aid spell is still in effect for Briar, Daggie, and Time That Erodes Young Love, for the next 7 hours. It lasts 8 hours, and it's been about 1 hour so far.
  • The statue is a parallel to our world's story of Prometheus, who gave humans fire, and was forced to have his innards eaten by birds. Gruesome stuff.
  • TTEYL owns a company called "The Sanguine Sundries", purveyor of fine antiquities, which specializes in magical items.
  • TTEYL can read every language!
  • Daggie looses 2 Constitution points (from 16 to 14).
  • Something bad will happen if you reach half your stress level.

In This Episode...[]

Cast and Player Characters[]

Non-Player Characters[]


  • Bennett
  • Vandrian


  • The Mysterious City


  • "Everyone, come here! You've gotta see this! A man was getting attacked by an eagle, and then he turned to stone!" ~ Daggie Chookers
  • "When I go to the beach, and I get in the water, I'm known as a Water Man." ~ Mike Bachmann
  • "I could go for some chilli right now." ~ Daggie Chookers
    "What if the next bean we planted was a cheese man?" ~ Faize
    "Do you all think that chilli has beans in it, or not?" ~ Daggie
  • "I'm enjoying, to no end, everyone's character being a fucking idiot, except for Time." ~ Mike Bachmann


  • Daggie rolls Investigation to Investigate the room they are in - 12
    • He finds that it used to have pews and statues. Perhaps a church?

  • Faize rolls Religion to see what she knows about the statue - 10
    • It brings to mind the idea of being punished for over-stepping one's bounds

  • Time That Erodes Young Love rolls History to see what he knows about the statue - 18
    • This statue depicts a humanoid god, but not one of the upper pantheons. More of a demi-god

  • Pegwing rolls Strength to lift the statue - 10
    • Fail - He is unable to lift it

  • Daggie rolls Religion to see what he knows about the statue - 15
    • He recognizes the story, as that of Dwarven and Gnomish folklore

  • Faize rolls Medicine to see if Beller is alive - 9
    • He's breathing, so he's still alive, but he's wounded

  • Daggie rolls Survival to see what he knows about the beans - Nat 20 + 6
    • He's heard of a bag of magical beans,

  • Daggie rolls a d100 after planting a magic bean - 62
    • A large land shark type creature appears and attacks

Combat Begins vs Land Shark

  • Initiative
    • Briar - 28
    • Land Shark
    • Pegwing - 16
    • Faize - 14
    • Time That Erodes Young Love - 10
    • Daggie - 9

Round One

  • Briar
    • Melee Attack (Rapier of Warning) vs Land Shark - 22
      • Hit - 19 damage
    • Uses a Bonus Action to Disengage

  • Land Shark
    • Melee Attack (Bite) vs Daggie - 18
      • Hit - 12 damage

  • Pegwing
    • Maneuvering Strike Attack vs Land Shark - 21
      • Hit - 28 + 12 damage

  • Faize
    • Casts Bless on Briar

    • Casts Eldritch Blast on the Land Shark {x4} - 15, 21, Nat 1, 19
      • Miss, Hit, Miss, Hit - 14 damage, and is pushed 20 ft away - Kills It

Combat Ends

  • TTEYL roll Stress because everone's a fucking idiot except for him - 9
    • He'll be fine

  • Daggie makes a CON Saving Throw while searching the room - 14
    • He begins to feel ill, and looses 2 Constitution points

  • TTEYL rolls Stress after seeing the other masked figure - 5
    • Fail - He takes Stress damage, and is down to 7 stress