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Large Reggie
(Tim Lanning)
Large Reggie.png
Race: Centaur
Class: Fighter (Battlemaster)
Status: Alive
Affiliations: Feywild Four
First Episode: Last Episode:
Episode 260 - A Rotten Crew of Beautiful Misfits Part 1 Episode 261 - A Rotten Crew of Beautiful Misfits Part 2
MISC Info:
Deep and booming voice

White and black hair/fur

8 ft tall, 8 1/2 ft long, 1248 lbs.

Large Reggie was a huge centaur, who was one of the Feywild Four. He was not one to turn down a battle. He fought with a sword called "Old Grandfather." He, with the other of the Four, assisted Nook Nimmlock in bringing The Jade Pyramid to Lady Arnaesis.

He was massive, and was described as "the front of your mom's horny romance novels". He wore chainmail, and fought primarily with a weapon called "Old Grandfather". Had a passion for destroying anything that wasn't "Primal", whatever that means. Scared of water.