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Jett Razor by HugoDraws

by @HugoDraws

Jett Razor is a Changeling Bard played by Mike Bachmann. He is first introduced in Episode 161 - Welcome to Calsten as Bucky's favorite bard. Jett is an atypical Changeling who often devolves into a pile of goo. (Third of The Trinity)


Not much is known about where Jett came from or his past. He does exhibit multiple accents, usually Cockney or London British, although after strenuous shapeshifting or other activities he sounds closer to Russian. Before he began adventuring with the party, he was a musician. Whether he was actually popular or not is up for interpretation.


Jett Razor is often depicted with a mohawk and modern "Rock and Roll" clothing. As a changeling, his true form is unknown.