Jennifer Elizabeth Cheek (the woman I am sure is a great hugger.) is a current player on the Greetings Adventurers podcast on the Geekly Inc. network (and its sister podcast, Random Encounters), and currently plays Rowan Grey. She also is lead host on Dear Internet.


  • Birthday: May
  • Wife to co-host Tim Lanning
  • Lives in St. Louis.
  • Rolls incredibly low incredibly consistently. Seriously, it's like a curse or something.
  • Usually plays characters that are just herself, but slightly changed. Like, Rowan can shoot arrows, and I'm preeeeeeeeeeety sure Jennifer can't. [Citation needed]
  • She is huge fan of anime, and often references various animes
  • Like Tim Lanning, she grew up religious, but broke free later in life
  • Works as a Marketing Coordinator
  • Jennifer is 5'2"[1].


Greetings Adventurers

Greetings Adventurers - Leviathan

Random Encounters

Gamma World


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