Pocket Dimension
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Location: Unknown
Ruler:King Theonjon Dayne
Notable Occupants:Queen Olenna Dayne Zeno Ziltaurus
Status: Intact

Appearances: First Episode: Episode 234 - A Vampire Friend
Last Episode: Episode 406 - Welcome to The Crossroads
MISC Info:Constantly Springtime

Galanthis was the home city of the High Elves located in the forest in a "sort of pocket semi-dimension", which may or may not exist. It was Galanthis that Nareev was sucking the magic from so long ago. Later, Michael clarified that Galanthis existed in a Pocket Dimension between the The Prime Material Plane and The Feywild.

As a magical place, the only ones who could enter were those who were from there, or were taught how to get there by someone who was from there. Rowan Grey could teleport there, and she taught Toby Treacletart how to do so, as well.

It was described as being very springtime-like, with petals floating through the air constantly.

Calendar Day[edit | edit source]

In the early days, before Galanthis, the High-Elves were not considered to be as high as they are now. They were as dirty and common as the dirtiest and communist of the commoners. Then, the great ruler of the time, Lysanthir Trisbane Esanadoral (?!?!?!), had a vision of a magical realm that had the best aspects of The Feywild and the Prime Material Plane. Lysanthir's court mage was Chiva Stoneleaf (?!?!?!), discoverer of the 777 uses of Silverweed Oil. A millenia passed before Lysanthir's vision was realized. Once Galanthis was in existence, they realized that time moved differently here. There's an extra 45 days here in Galanthis to complete the year. The court mage of that time was named Janul Thastus (?!?!?!) or possibly Danul? Other than creating the Galanthian calendar, he was known to revere Chiva Stoneleaf. So, his solution was to add extra days to the end of a single month. The seventh month, was Danuary, and the 77th day of that month, Danuary 77th, Calendar Day.

Among the festivities was the renowned "Finding of the Snacks", in which guests would bring together various treats and goodies and present them to the king and his cohorts. It was fun.

Notable Occupants[edit | edit source]

Episodes[edit | edit source]

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