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(Nika Howard)
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Race: Tiefling
Class: Cleric
Status: Alive
First Episode: Last Episode:
Leviathan 1 N/A
MISC Info:
*Level 5
*"She love to watch people do things."
*6 feet tall

Faize was a cleric adventurer who was hired by Ridley to investigate the mysterious city beneath the Razorback Mountains.

Appearance & Personality[]

Faize wore old, dirty scraps for robes and boots, that were dark purple and black. She had small black horns that jutted forward, with purple tips. Her hair was modern-ish (by today's standards), and she wore face-paint that she styled differently each day.

She was a bit eccentric, combining "scraps of potions" together to create eclectic concoctions, the results of which could be wild and unpredictable. She was kind, and quick to trust, casting bonding spells on the other members of her adventuring party soon after meeting them. She was introduced with the line "She love to watch people do things," which could mean literally fucking anything.

Powers, Stats, & Abilities[]

  • Knew the following spells: Guidance, Heroism, Sanctuary, Aid, Bless, Turn Undead.
  • Investigation -1
  • Religion -1
  • Medicine +2
  • Perception +2
  • Athletics +2
  • Could read Infernal