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Erynn Colleen
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Race: Human
Class: Wizard
Status: Alive
Affiliations: White Spire
First Episode: Last Episode:
Episode 175 - Two Steps Forward Episode 427 - A Farewell to Our Family and Friends
MISC Info:
Nika Howard came up with the description for this character. It's been a while since I listened to these episodes, but I'm pretty sure she was initially referred to as female, but Michael steadily began referring to her/him as male. But I'm pretty sure she was a girl originally.

Erynn Colleen was the newest human wizard of the White Spire of Paelor's Hope. Along with Marlamin Windlore, she was sent with the then un-named Ätlän-tã Fælcons to Deephome to teleport them out should danger emerge, which of course it did. She had mousy, frizzy hair and was a little clumsy but in a cute and endearing way. In their first appearance, Michael DiMauro tried to kill of the characters, but they were brought back to life by Jaela, and ever since then, Michael has been trying, to varying degrees of success, to be rid of them ever since.

Later, after Toby Treacletart decided to leave The Tower of Grey to deal with his Vecna issue, he took Boris, Marlamin, Erynn, and Amber Reeve with him aboard The BTS. At some point after this, she and Marlamin Windlore got married!

NOTE: There is a character named Erynn Colleen in Episode 133 - Making it to Mastwick, who was hanging out at the White Dome in Fairmire. It is presumed to be the same person, though possible that there are two Erynn Colleens working for the White Spire. It seems the first Erynn Colleen was a male based on the voice, but perhaps not.