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Episode 5 - A Brief Respite

Release Date: December 03, 2012
Episode Length: 41:59
Cast & Characters
Michael DiMauro: Himself
Tim Lanning: Himself
Jennifer Cheek: Herself
Mike Bachmann: Himself
Steven Strom: Himself
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The fifth gosh-dang episode!


In this episode, the group takes a break from their adventures to recount the story so far. From waking up naked on stone slabs and fighting skeletons and zombie hulks to a Mexican stand-off between Thom, some spiders and everyone else to New Newfoundland Land and the Dreadwing Behemoth, no dungeon is left un-dungeoneered. Junpei is particularly concerned the other characters may have done unspeakable things to him last week while he was petrified, but Tum, Aludra and Thom deny his accusations.

IRL (in real life), the cast and dungeon master (DM) discuss the ins and outs of producing a weekly Dungeons & Dragons podcast. Much of this discussion focuses on the developing plot and how it evolves each week. Are the chips in the character's heads actually creating a virtual world for them to explore, Matrix-style? Or are the cast members themselves the ones locked in a simulation? What would Thrifty the dungeon master think of a guest DM? And why does Thom love battle in his own particular way?

This episode also brought the first batch of listener feedback. It notably contained the first appearance of show artist Azad Injejikian, and subsequently the first, but not last, mispronunciation of his name by Tim/Tum. And apparently both Australians and people from the UK say "G"day mate!" With a dubstep outro, the cast invites their listeners to keep things dicey!