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Episode 427 - A Farewell to Our Family and Friends

The end...

Release Date: October 18, 2021
Recording Date: October 12, 2021
Episode Length: 1:41:57
Cast & Characters
Michael DiMauro: Dungeon Master
Tim Lanning: Toby Treacletart
Jennifer Cheek: Rowan Grey
Mike Bachmann: Steve Meloncamp
Nika Howard: Lahnik "Lahni" Caplain
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Over the course of the last fifteen years the lands of Drunkeros experienced great hardship and upheaval. The people of this land never gave up hope that adventurers would take up the call and become something greater – Heroes. The heroes of this land were not always correct in their decision making. They didn’t always win. But, in the end, they never gave up fighting.

Now, a powerful group of former colleagues, now friends and family, set their sights on what’s to come and what it means to take up the burden of responsibility placed at their feet. They didn’t ask for this power but they know that the good ones rarely do. The next adventurers may not involve crypts filled with fiendish horrors and treasure or tyrants needling to be toppled but whatever may come they will face it head on. Just not together.

Thank you so, so, so much for joining us on this amazing adventure called making a podcast with a bunch of people you kinda knew!!! Getting to meet and interact with all of you has truly been a delight and a blessing we never thought would be possible. We cannot thank you all enough, but from the bottom of our irony poisoned hearts – Thank you.


Long Story[]

Every goodbye needs a proper send off. That's why, at The Tower of Grey, a massive party is being held. Toby Treacletart has not yet left, instead choosing to join in the festivities. Also in attendance is Steve Meloncamp, who asks after Skud Derringer. Skud is still trapped in some unknown dimension, but Frank Ubell assures everyone that he's very powerful, and should be fine on his own. Stop worrying/thinking about Skud! This is a sentiment that Steve agrees with! Frank then asks Steve about what happened at Tidtowne, so Steve is able to explain himself a little bit more. Apparently, Tidtowne was at war with the neighboring city of Buttsville. Buttsville developed a weapon that was somehow able to target the fleshy, living bodies of the Tidtowners. And so, with no other choice (NO OTHER CHOICE!!!), Steve made the difficult decision of "If you can't beat 'em, GOLEM!" He somehow defeated all of the enemies, and used their bodies to create flesh golems for the citizens of Tidtowne. And that's what happened. Great.

Frank then turns to the rest of the party, and asks what their next steps are. Lahni, continuing from last episode, says that she'll still stay here at The Tower of Gray, but wants to open an egg salad sandwich buffet across from the Sbarros in the Elemental Tramway, and call it "Egg Salad Sandwich R Us". She also brings up how much she enjoyed her time in Grull, and might want to go back to visit Stymer Dunkan. He hasn't been writing back to her, much to her chagrin. At that, Bercy Hamhands enters, producing a letter from Dunkan. It says that he's inviting her back to the prison, to be a prison guard, and to run his new Eggs R Us franchise! Wow, how fortuitous. Lahni invites Bercy to come with her, and he agrees. The other's don't answer Frank.

A shimmering light brings the appearance of Uthgar! He announces that he's made himself mortal, so as to spend the rest of his days with his dear son, Skud. Unfortunately, the party has to break the news to him that Skud's gone missing. So, Uthgar vows to go off and find him. He decides to bring along with him, Squelch, Skud's dog that's been with Skud the entire time. And Bachmann finally remembered his name, which is the most heart-warming thing. The two depart on a grand adventure to find Skud.

That's not all who appears. They are soon met by the young voice of Prince Thom Harper, who was just dropped off by Queen Ashayara Dayne to visit Adira Harper. Unfortunately, Adira is not here, and Ashayara Dayne left immediately, so there's no one to watch over Thom! Rowan summons Amber Reeve, who agrees to watch over him until Adira gets there. Toby is then visited by Kate Aurochs, and the two briefly reconnect. It seems there's trouble in dragon-land, on account of both dragon gods having been killed. They are meeting soon at Mt. Celestia to discuss what to do next. Kate (timidly) invites Toby to come along, on account of being a super smart outsider, who could offer wise council. Toby agrees, and in turn (timidly), invites Kate to visit him after he runs off to deal with his Vecna problem. She, too agrees.

Next to arrive are the Deephome crew: Aludra Wyrmsbane, Jaela, Bucky, Ros, Luccan, and Older Man Weck. The two queens are discussing amongst themselves how best to prevent another character like Trant Thumble from rising to power again. Aludra proposes a council of the powerful parties of the realms, communicating to ensure they aren't surprised by anything like this again. Bucky, for his part, complains about the food here. So, Frank is summoned to find some chicken fingers. Meanwhile, everyone plays catch up with each other. Toby admits to them that he is using the Vecna thing as an excuse. He knows that his true weakness was being tempted by the power she offered him, and he wants to leave to examine himself. To figure out why he reached for that power, and put everyone's lives at risk.

They are then met with another shimmering sphere, this time heralding the god Pelor. He says that he has a visitor for the Ätlän-tã Fælcons. Out steps Marendithas Bearcharger! Apparently, he's been investigating his family tree, and realized that he's made some grave mistakes regarding his parentage. Finally, after all this time, he's forced to admit that King Titus Harper did not, in fact, fuck a cow. That one time! He can't speak for any other times. But that time he was referring to, he has no proof that it happened. So there. He asks Aludra for forgiveness on Harper's behalf.

Pelor is then interrupted by another god, this time Asmodeous, with another dead Bachmann character, this time Bananas Foster. He, too, requests forgiveness from Harper via Aludra. For him, he had pretended to be Harper's family to get aboard The Chum Guzzler. He convinces Aludra to forgive him because he's just too powerful. The sphere then fades away.

During this time, Rowan Grey has been off to side, moping and alone. Lahni goes to her, asks her what's wrong. She's nervous, she says, about being the one to actually be running things now, rather than just in title. Lahni reassures her that she'll have help, in herself, and from Ashayara Dayne. Steve even offers some of the more lifeless flesh golems (oh yeah, some of them were not successful, resulting in soulless, lifeless creatures wandering around). For ther first mission, Rowan sends them out to collect the gold that she's been burying under a tree. This makes her feel better.

As the night progresses, things get weirder and more sentimental. Some more people who are at the party are Riekert Svenson, Winston, Wren, and Watari. There are also several ghosts looking down at them from above, such as Brawlgus, Skratchy, and several of the dead members of the Chum Guzzler (Chad is the only one mentioned). Also there (not dead), are Toby's parents, Arelton and Contezza Treacletart.

Finally, Rowan asks Toby if he's sure he should leave all of his family and friends behind. The gnome assures her that he's grown past caring about stuff like that. But, Rowan asks, doesn't he think he'll be missed. He does not think anyone will miss him, which prompts Rowan to reluctantly admit that she herself will miss him. He, however, is sure that with the help of Lahni and Steve, she'll be fine. Actually, Steve's leaves, so just Lahni then. Anyway, he tells her that he wouldn't leave if she couldn't handle it, and Lahni requests that Toby leave them a Toby, and Toby does them one better. Snatch Treacletart appears! He has a clone of Toby with him, as well, one of the lower ones, like number 6 or 7. With that, Rowan takes Toby's hand, and offers the support of The Tower of Grey if he ever needs it, and expresses her concern at the fact that the smartest member of the Tower is leaving. At that, Steve returns to give Rowan a ring he had that can make her smarter. Actually gives her the whole finger.

Everyone hugs, and says goodbye.

Several weeks pass. Toby stands atop The BTS, with a few of his clones, Terrance, and the newly married Erynn Colleen and Marlamin Windlore. He looks back, and smiles.

Elsewhere, somewhere in the multiverse, a figure sits in the bottom of a giant pit, atop a pile of bodies miles high. He watches the sunset. A companion steps up to him, and says "Rolen, we gotta move out, it'll be dark soon." Rolen Twentais turns, a single tear rolling down his cheek, and says "I was just thinking about some old friends..."

Back in the Tower of Gray, Frank looks around, and says "It's gonna be different around here, but, I'm sure it'll be great..." A tear rolls down his face. He blows out the final candle...

And everything goes dark.


This is mostly a goodbye episode. Not a lot of plot takes place. There's a party at the Tower of Grey. Uthgar shows up, now a mortal, to spend his life with Skud. He and Squelch embark on a quest to go find Skud. Bearcharger and Bananas Foster appear to ask Aludra forgiveness for their treatment of Titus Harper. Rowan is given full command of the Tower of Grey despite her objections, even though Frank will be there to help her (and, presumably, actually run things). In the end, they all hug, and say their goodbyes. Toby goes riding off into the sunset...


  • Skud Derringer's dog, Squelch, who was canonically with Skud the entire time, was left behind when Skud vanished to the other plane. He was initially waiting in the Castle of the Spring Court, laying in the spot that Skud disappeared, but then went with Uthgar to find Skud
    • Actually, Squelch was a skeleton, so he would have fallen apart, and became inanimate, along with Akkio, when Skud lost the ability to control bones to Rowan.
  • Steve had a book that allowed him to create a Metal Gollem, and he finally created it.
  • Lahni only wants to open "Egg Salad Sandwich R Us" to put the Sbarros out of business, becuase they once told her that she couldn't refill her mayonnaise cup
  • Boris takes over the White Spire in Toby's place

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Toby Rowan Skud Lahni Others General Inventory
Robe of Stars[241]
Broom of Flying[299]
Crystal Ball of Telepathy[299]
Sending Stone[353]
Dossier on a Warehouse Owner[356]
Diary/Letter opener of Silga Darvo[357]
Scroll of Teleportation {x2}[374]
Leather Helmet[379]
Doug the Astral Dreadnought[381]
Treasure Map on the back of a portrait of Burt Ballista[382]
Rare books {x3}[382]
The Arcane Grimoire, Tsugrix Zelentiri[387]
Alchemy Jug[387]
Scroll of Plane Shift[392]
Potion of Greater Healing {x1}[392] - (one given to Lahni)
Bag of Holding[406]
1 Potion of Growth[409](one given to Hoby)
Potion of Supreme Healing[409]
Oil of Sharpness[409]
Mummy Rot Antidote[409]
Hand of a clone of Bigby[412]
Hand of a clone of Celtra Wimblepuck[412]
Hand of a clone of Thom Vidalis[412]
Greatsword of Lifestealing from a clone of Thom Vidalis[412]
Skud's Deck of Many Things {8 cards}[426]
Dancing Rapier[241]
Eyes of Charming[299]
Sending Stone[353]
Kevimp McBallister's groin shotgun[354]
Bag of Infinite Chicken Fingers[369]
Leather Helmet[379]
Rowan's Tattoo[387]
Scroll of Plane Shift[392]
Potion of Greater Healing {x2}[392]
Potion of Supreme Healing[409]
Oil of Sharpness[409]
[NEW] Ring that makes her smart
Ferret Wine Ferret[253]
Bag of Beans[274]
Boots of Phasing[299]
A Longbow[349]
Sending Stone[353]
Leather Helmet[379]
The Caplain's Secret Ferret Pie/Cake Recipe[387]
Scroll of Plane Shift[392]
Potion of Greater Healing[392]
Potion of Supreme Healing[409]
2 Potions of Sharkness[sic][409]
29 Watermelon, 7 of which are magic potions, and 1 is poison[419]
Uthgar Amulets, from Uthgar[421]
Ring of Exhaustion[421]
"Several" Potions of Fire Resistance[349]
Potions of Haste[349]
Dark Blade[352]
More Sending Stones, just in case[353]
Potions of Underwater Breathing[365]
Bag of Infinite Burgers[369]
Bag of Infinite Moscow Mules[369]
The BTS[380]
Tuning fork for each plane (except for Mount Celestia and The Abyss)[412]

Quest Log Updates[]

  • [Passed off to Uthgar] - Save Skud Derringer?


  • "I think it makes perfect sense: You go in, and you get dressed as an egg, and you come out, with a sandwich." ~ Lahni Caplain's new business pitch
  • "Oh, bro... This is, uh. This is kind of a bummer." ~ Uthgar
  • "Listen, coming from me, this means a lot: You fucked up!" ~ Steve Meloncamp
  • "Mmm, this is delicious. This is soooo good. The only thing that could make it better would be a little hug." ~ Prince Thom Harper
  • "Do you have tity taquitos?" ~ Jaela
  • "Vecna, if you're fucking listening right now, I'm gonna fucking kill you..." ~ Queen Aludra Wyrmsbane
  • "I'll never not strap you into a baby bjorn." ~ Lahni Caplain


  • Recap
    • Tim - 12
    • Nika - 8
    • Bachmann - 6
    • Jennifer - 18

  • Bananas Foster rolls Persuasion to convince Aludra to accept his apology - 32
    • Success!