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Episode 408 - The Tarrasque Part 2
(Campaign 1 - Episode 408)

Just some of the many characters that Gaelen drew

Release Date: May 17, 2021
Recording Date: May 11, 2021
Episode Length: 1:08:03
Cast & Characters
Michael DiMauro: Dungeon Master
Tim Lanning: Toby Treacletart
Jennifer Cheek: Rowan Grey
Mike Bachmann: Skud Derringer
Nika Howard: Lahnik "Lahni" Caplain
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This big boy is hungry and luckily for him Adventurers are on the menu! Luckily, that is totally fine for our delicious heroes because that just gets them closer to the squishy insides of that big Tarrasque guts. It is risky, but the town of Crossroads must be protected!


Long Story[]

RETCON ALERT: Hoby doesn't have the ability to cast Misty Step. So last episode, when he did that? He didn't do that. Which means he's still in the Tarrasque's mouth.

With that out of the way, the party is still in the midst of their fight against the mighty Tarrasque. Lahni is inside it's belly, but that doesn't stop her from punching it. Then, she and Hoby take some Acid damage, since they are inside it, although I don't know that Hoby should take this damage. He is not in its stomach, he's in it's mouth. Does the Tarrasque have Acid in its mouth? That's a scary thought. Anyway, Uthgar's Blade Barrier is still up, and just as creatures inside the Tarrasque had to take Acid damage, so too does the Tarrasque have to take Blade Barrier damage. Ouch. It chomps up River Grey, and later swallows her, while tail-whipping, clawing, and horning at the others. This thing is bad news bears. Fortunately for our party, our party is capable of doing massive amounts of damage. This is demonstrated by Rowan using Wrath of Nature to turn to very forces of the forest against the creature, Skud using Chain Lightning, and River Grey Warhammering it from the inside. Feeling left out, Uthgar uses his magic to get inside this thing, while Hoby makes things spicey by casting Wall of Fire in it's mouth. This gets it to vomit up everyone but Uthgar, while Toby, still in Dragon Form casts Disintegrate, then uses his Breath Weapon to Cold-ify this thing. While being vommed out, Lahni Legolas's her way down, but instead of arrows, it's her fists! The Tarrasque is looking real rough, and is finally done in by Uthgar's Blade Barrier. It falls to the ground, defeated! We have won!

Adira is very interested in harvesting the Tarrasque's heart, so she can find Bigby. The people who were vomited out are looking gross. River Grey hugs Rowan, which is gross. Uthgar jumps out of the Tarrasque and sends out 700 HP across all of the party!


The party continues to fight the Tarrasque. It swallows River Grey, and Uthgar magics himself into it's stomach. Then, everyone gets vomited up. Eventually, Uthgar's Blade Barrier finishes the creature off. They have won!

In This Episode...[]

Cast and Player Characters[]

Non-Player Characters[]




Toby Rowan Skud Lahni Others General Inventory
Robe of Stars[241]
Broom of Flying[299]
Crystal Ball of Telepathy[299]
Sending Stone[353]
Dossier on a Warehouse Owner[356]
Diary/Letter opener of Silga Darvo[357]
Scroll of Teleportation {x2}[374]
Leather Helmet[379]
Doug the Astral Dreadnought[381]
Treasure Map on the back of a portrait of Burt Ballista[382]
Rare books {x3}[382]
The Arcane Grimoire, Tsugrix Zelentiri[387]
Alchemy Jug[387]
Scroll of Plane Shift[392]
Potion of Greater Healing {x2}[392]
Bag of Holding[406]
  • Arrows of Dragon Slaying {x4}[349]
Dancing Rapier[241]
Eyes of Charming[299]
Sending Stone[353]
Kevimp McBallister's groin shotgun[354]
Bag of Infinite Chicken Fingers[369]
Leather Helmet[379]
Rowan's Tattoo[387]
Scroll of Plane Shift[392]
Potion of Greater Healing {x2}[392]
Gold Bone Coin that lets him enter the Bones championship[255]
Heavy Armor, atop of his robe, adorned with fish[349]
Sending Stone[353]
Longsword of Wounding[354]
Water Badge[371]
Earth Badge(s)[378]
Air Badge[383]
Leather Helmet[379]
Deck of Many Things[387]{17 cards}
Scroll of Plane Shift[392]
Potion of Greater Healing {x2}[392]
Ferret Wine Ferret[253]
Bag of Beans[274]
Boots of Phasing[299]
A Longbow[349]
Sending Stone[353]
Leather Helmet[379]
The Caplain's Secret Ferret Pie/Cake Recipe[387]
Scroll of Plane Shift[392]
Potion of Greater Healing {x2}[392]
"Several" Potions of Fire Resistance[349]
Potions of Haste[349]
Dark Blade[352]
More Sending Stones, just in case[353]
Potions of Underwater Breathing[365]
Bag of Infinite Burgers[369]
Bag of Infinite Moscow Mules[369]
The BTS[380]

Quest Log Updates[]


  • "What's the difference between an enzyme and a hormone? I can't hear an enzyme..." ~ Nika Howard, 2021
  • "I hate parents! I'm attacking just parents!" ~ Michel DiMauro
  • "The people inside the Tarrasque are in what you might call... bad shape." ~ Nika Howard
  • "Uthgar is there and invisible, and watching you, but it's not weird." ~ Mike Bachmann


  • Recap
    • Tim - 5
    • Nika - 12
    • Jennifer - 17
    • Bachmann - 18

Combat continues vs Tarrasque

  • Initiative (from last episode)
    • Lahni
    • Tarrasque
    • Adira Harper
    • Uthgar
    • Rowan
    • Skud
    • River Grey
    • Toby
    • Hoby
    • King Theonjon Dayne

Round Two

  • Lahni
    • Turns invisible
    • Melee Attack (Monk Punch) {x4} vs Tarrasque's innards - 25, >25, 15, 13
      • Hit, Hit, Miss, Miss - 35 (magical) Bludgeoning damage

  • Tarrasque
    • Everyone in it's stomach takes damage
      • Lahni - 56 28 Acid damage
      • Hoby - 56 Acid damage (I don't think Hoby should take this damage, because he's in it's mouth, not stomach, but whatevs)
    • Must make a DC 19 DEX Saving Throw against Uthgar's Blade Barrier - 4
      • Fail - 22 damage
    • Uses Frightful Presence (they are all immune to being frightened)
    • Melee Attack (Bite) vs River Grey - 25
      • Hit - 36 Piercing damage, and is grappled
    • Melee Attack (Claws) vs Uthgar {x2} - 37, 26
      • Hit, Hit - 56 Damage
    • Melee Attack (Horn) vs Skud - 36
      • Hit - 32 Piercing Damage
    • Melee Attack (Tail) vs Rowan - 23
      • Hit - 24 Bludgeoning Damage
        • Rowan must make a STR Saving Throw - 23
          • Success - Not knocked Prone

  • Adira
    • Flies higher up
    • Casts Crown of Stars on Tarrasque - 20
      • Miss

  • Tarrasque
    • Attempts to swallow River Grey - 31
      • Hit - 36 Piercing damage, and she's swallowed!

  • Uthgar
    • Casts Etherealness to step inside the Tarrasque's stomach
    • Orders BattleBot to keep attaching it's toenail - 16
      • Miss

  • Rowan
    • Moves 60 ft away (80 total)
    • Casts Wrath of Nature to create a 60 cube of animated grass/rocks/nature, etc. This is very complicated, and I'm not going to write everything down here. Here's a link to Wrath of Nature.
      • Tarrasque has to make a DEX Saving Throw against the rocks - Nat1
        • Fail - 7 damage (I don't think it takes this damage, because of the magical rocks)
      • Tarrasque has to make a DEX Saving Throw against the trees - 4
        • Fail - 19 Slashing damage
    • Ranged Attacked (Oathbow) vs Tarrasque (with advantage) - 19
      • Miss
      • Tarrasque has to make a STR Saving Throw against the roots - 22
        • Success - Nothing happens, but there is difficult terrain

  • Skud
    • Casts Chain Lightning on Tarrasque
      • Tarrasque must make a DEX Saving Throw - 3
        • Fail - 38 damage
    • Orders BattleBot to keep attaching it's toenail - 27
      • Hit - 16 damage
    • Moves 30 ft away

  • River Grey
    • Melee Attack (Warhammer) vs Tarrasque {x4} - 14, 23, ??, ??
      • Miss, Miss, Miss, Hit - 14 damage

  • Hoby
    • Melee Attack (Mace) vs Tarrasque - 26
      • Hit - 15 Bludgeoning + 20 Fire damage
    • Casts Wall of Fire on Tarrasque
      • Tarrasque must make a DEX Saving Throw - 14
        • Fail - 25 Fire damage

  • Michael rolls some die because Hoby did more than 60 damage inside of it - ??
    • Fail - It vomits up everyone but Uthgar

  • Toby (Dragon Form)
    • Casts Disintegrate on Tarrasque
      • Tarrasque must make a DEX Saving Throw - 11
        • Fail - 83 Force damage
    • Gets his Breath Weapon back
    • Uses Breath Weapon on Tarrasque
      • Tarrasque must make a CON Saving Throw - 21
        • Fail? - 57 Cold damage
    • Flies up higher

  • King Theonjon Dayne
    • Ranged Attack vs Tarrasque {x2} - ??, ??
      • Hit, Hit - Some damage

Round Three

  • Lahni
    • Melee Attack vs Tarrasque {x4} - 23, 25, 27, 25
      • Miss, Hit, Hit, Hit - 45 damage

  • Tarrasque
    • Must make a DC 19 DEX Saving Throw against Uthgar's Blade Barrier - 17
      • Fail - 36 damage - Kills It!

Combat Ends