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Episode 363 - Toppling the Tyrannical Pyre Part 2

Toby Treacletart being burned in the literally sense by Pyre

Release Date: June 15, 2020
Recording Date: June 9, 2020
Episode Length: 1:16:29
Cast & Characters
Michael DiMauro: Dungeon Master
Tim Lanning: Toby Treacletart
Jennifer Cheek: Rowan Grey
Mike Bachmann: Skud Derringer
Nika Howard: Lahnik "Lahni" Caplain
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We are really kicking Pyre’s butt. He looks like a damn fool. Ok, he almost kills one of us in one shot, but besides that we are doing great!


Long Story[]

The party is in the midst of their epic battle with Pyre. Moments ago, Toby sent him into a Maze, and now, the anxiously await his return. While they wait, they use the time to prepare. Toby changes his protective hut to be made of Red Dragon Scales (resistant to fire), while Lahni finally uses her Bag of Beans that she got from Melora so long ago. She plants one in the ground, and instantly, a stone statue of Lahni grows in place. But that's not all. The statue is animate, and begins talking shit about Lahni! It's not on her side! Rowan prepares one of her Arrows of Dragon Slaying, and finally, Pyre reappears. Rowan shoots, but misses! Skud continues to dash toward the battle, along with his "BattleBot" (really his spiritual weapon, but he cast it so far away, that he and the weapon have to move toward Pyre before it can attack). He also uses his Spell Sniping to Ray of Sickness the dragon, but Pyre is able to resist it. This does make Pyre look toward Skud, but attacks Lahni, because she's closer. Fortunately, she's able to dodge his Tail Whip. Toby fails to cast Blindness/Deafness on the creature, and Lahni's statue convinces Pyre to Tail Whip Lahni again. This time, he's successful.

Lahni's up, and she punch! She's also Tail Whipped again. Rowan uses her Hail of Thorns to ensnare him in thorny, pokey vines. Pyre turns, stares at her, and shrieks something horrific. He vanishes... and reappears again RIGHT NEXT TO ROWAN, creating a bubbling zone of toxic gas around them! At this moment, the card in Skud's pocket begins to vibrates. Rowan is hit with a Tail Whip, while Toby dismisses hit protective hut, and is picked up by a travelling Lahni, running toward the fray. But Rowan intends to get herself out of this situation, which she does by using Steel Wind Strike to attack Pyre, then teleports away! Pyre flies toward Skud, blasting Lahnin and Toby along the way, dealing a devastating 91 fire damage to them! As soon as Pyre is close enough to Skud, the small Genasi whips out the card and throws it at the dragon.

It strikes him. The card flutters to the ground, vibrating once...


A third time...


Pyre breaks out! He's partially transformed, half of his face is skeleton-ized. He lets out a blood-curdling shriek!

And the episode ends...


This whole episode is the battle with Pyre. Once he returns from the Maze, the gang does a ton of damage to him. Eventually, Skud gets close enough to use the card on him, and he's almost trapped in it, but at the last second, he breaks out, partially through the transition in a bone creature!


  • Jennifer claims that she has 5 Arrows of Slaying. I had it written down as 4, but the Law of the Hosts wins out. She now has 5
    • But then she fired one, so it becomes 4
  • Tim realizes that the spell Geas takes a minute to cast, so anytime they used it previously is canonically bullshit

In This Episode...[]

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Non-Player Characters[]



Toby Rowan Skud Lahni Others General Inventory
Robe of Stars[241]
Broom of Flying[299]
Sending Stone[353]
Dossier on a Warehouse Owner[356]
Diary/Letter opener of Silga Darvo[357]
  • Arrows of Dragon Slaying {x4}[349]
Dancing Rapier[241]
Eyes of Charming[299]
Sending Stone[353]
Kevimp McBallister's groin shotgun[354]
Gold Bone Coin that lets him enter the Bones championship[255]
Heavy Armor, atop of his robe, adorned with fish[349]
Sending Stone[353]
Longsword of Wounding[354]
Ferret Wine Ferret[253]
The Orb[257]
Bag of Beans[274]
Boots of Phasing[299]
A Longbow[349]
Sending Stone[353]
"Several" Potions of Fire Resistance[349]
Potions of Haste[349]
Dark Blade[352]
More Sending Stones, just in case[353]

Quest Log Updates[]


"You all get a turn! He's just one poor little dragon!" ~ Michael
"We-- Oh, fuck-- No, he's not!" ~ Nika


  • Recap
    • Tim - 9
    • Jennifer - 13 - roll-off - 17
    • Bachmann - 13 - roll-off - 4
    • Nika - 2
    • Michael - 13