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Episode 362 - Toppling the Tyrannical Pyre
(Campaign 1 - Episode 362)

Bercy Hamhands {left} and Lahni Caplain {right}

Release Date: June 1, 2020
Recording Date: May 26, 2020
Episode Length: 1:22:24
Cast & Characters
Michael DiMauro: Dungeon Master
Tim Lanning: Toby Treacletart
Jennifer Cheek: Rowan Grey
Mike Bachmann: Skud Derringer
Nika Howard: Lahnik "Lahni" Caplain
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With baited breaths our heroes prepare themselves to fight their greatest foe to date. The tyrant Pyre. A name who has struck fear around the land for hundreds of years. Today he will fall.


Long Story[]

Well, here it is. After all this time. Pyre, the ancient red dragon that has been ruling over Mastwick for over a decade, vs The Tower of Grey. Initiative is rolled, the dies are cast (literally), and the battle begins. The invisible Lahni runs up to him and tries to do punches, only to find that his scaly natural armor is too strong for her. Rowan makes Pyre her sworn enemy using her Oathbow, and does an absolute ton of damage using lightning arrows. Skud is able to finally use his long-distance spells to hurt Pyre (most notable, his infamous BattleBot for the first time), while Toby makes himself Invisible. He also uses Silent Image to hide inside an adamantine hut on the ground.

Finally, Pyre gets a turn, and he flies toward Lahni, the closest one. He then breaths fire on her. Fortunately, she has resistance to fire damage, and is able to evade, so she takes no damage! He later (after getting more damage done to him) flies right up to her, and bites at her. Ouch, but again, she's resistant. He also claws her. This dragon is doing a surprisingly low amount of damage to our heroes. He then erupts magma onto Toby's hut, heating it up and hurting him. Eventually, after dealing enough damage, and everyone advancing on the dragon, Avengers style, Toby gets close enough to cast Maze.

Pyre vanishes. In the momentary silence, the party can hear the sounds of battle outside the colosseum walls. It seems the war to reclaim Mastwick is underway! Toby, Lahni, Skud, and Rowan prepare themselves, for Pyre's return...


The whole episode is the battle with Pyre. They do a ton of damage to him, while not being hurt too badly in return. In the last moments of the episode, Toby sends Pyre into the Maze, and the group prepares for his return, while the battle to take back the city begins outside...


  • The party spreads out in the four cardinal directions: Skud is North, Toby is East, Lahni is south, and Rowan is West
  • Pyre's AC is 22, because that hits him, but 21 does not
    • He also doesn't need to see someone to know where they are
  • First appearance of Skud's BattleBot

In This Episode...[]

Cast and Player Characters[]

Non-Player Characters[]



Toby Rowan Skud Lahni Others General Inventory
Robe of Stars[241]
Broom of Flying[299]
Sending Stone[353]
Dossier on a Warehouse Owner[356]
Diary/Letter opener of Silga Darvo[357]
  • Arrows of Dragon Slaying {x4}[349]
Dancing Rapier[241]
Eyes of Charming[299]
Sending Stone[353]
Kevimp McBallister's groin shotgun[354]
Gold Bone Coin that lets him enter the Bones championship[255]
Heavy Armor, atop of his robe, adorned with fish[349]
Sending Stone[353]
Longsword of Wounding[354]
Ferret Wine Ferret[253]
The Orb[257]
Bag of Beans[274]
Boots of Phasing[299]
A Longbow[349]
Sending Stone[353]
"Several" Potions of Fire Resistance[349]
Potions of Haste[349]
Dark Blade[352]
More Sending Stones, just in case[353]

Quest Log Updates[]


"Michael threatened us, and it got to me! He's winning!" ~ Tim Lanning