Episode 260 - A Rotten Crew of Beautiful Misfits Part 1
(Campaign 1 - Episode 260)
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Release Date: April 16, 2018
Recording Date: April 12, 2018
Episode Length: 1:10:11
Cast & Characters
Michael DiMauro: Dungeon Master
Jennifer Cheek: Rikety Nell
Tim Lanning: Large Reggie
Mike Bachmann: Thirst
Guest Host: Christopher Badell - Viscount Ambrosious Quorin
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Lahni was unable to join us for this session so we used arcane and secret magics to peer through the veil of time to the strange occurrences which happened three weeks ago. We find ourselves in a jail cell in a town located somewhere within the Feywild. We are joined not by heroes, but by something else. Creatures with ill intent in their eyes and cruelty on their tongues.


Long Story

The Tower of Grey entered the Feywild, a dark and twisted version of the Prime Material Plane, in search of the young Prince Thom Harper. Instead, they found a large spider web, full of wrapped up bodies, one of which was still alive. As they went to go rescue the person, they were attacked by a group of giant spiders...

Three Weeks Earlier

The Feywild is a magical and wondrous place, a shining echo of the Prime Material Plane. It's very sparkely. The Spring Festival approaches, and the authorities of the Spring Court have deemed that, in an effort to clean up the area around said court, the ruffians are to be jailed. Four such ruffians include Rikety Nell, Large Reggie, Viscount Ambrosious Quorin, and Thirst (locked inside a small birdcage). They have been placed in a Null Magic Zone, and there are two Eladren guards standing without. After speaking for a little while, another prisoner is brought in, a satyr. He is upset, and demands to be let out to no avail. Large Reggie attempts to communicate with Thirst, who warns him that he doesn't like his cage being rattled, threatening to fight if he does. Seeing this as a challenge, Large Reggie picks up his cage and throws it to the ground, but is unable to break it. He then taps on the shoulder of Viscount Ambrosious Quorin, who also reacts in anger, detesting being touched.

Nell approaches the Satyr, who is currently attempting to regain his composure. He looks around at the others and then beckons them all to gather around in a circle (around Thirst's cage). He tells them he has to escape, and he needs their help together. He says that if they help him, they will all have the chance to curry favor with a god, the Queen of Spring, also known as Melora. He then asks if they are familiar with the Lady Arnaesis, and they kind of have. She is the new lover of the Queen of Spring. He says that he works for Lady Arnaesis, and that she wanted to get a jewel called the Jade Pyramid for the Queen. It is said to be incredibly powerful, and just as beautiful. Our boy here took it upon himself to steal it for Lady Arnaesis, and it is now at his bedside table, ready to be taken to his boat, guarded by other Satyrs. As he was getting ready to leave, he was arrested by the guards for petty gambling charges. And now he needs to break out.

There is some deliberation as to what their next move should be, and Rickety Nell reveals that she can Mimic the sound of someone's voice, perhaps the guards' higher-ups. She scratches at the bars of the cell, making a harsh screeching sound, and prompting the guards to approach. Once he does, Viscount Ambrosious Quorin, hereafter referred to VAQ, demands to be released. The guard says that he will try to get another cell for him, and leaves. There is only one guard, and Large Reggie, hereafter referred to as Large Reggie, steals VAQ's Staff of Law, throwing it toward the bars in an attempt to knock out said guard. It clatters sadly to ground. VAQ charges at Large Reggie, but turns to try to catch the Staff, grabbing it just as it lands on the other side of the bars. He pulls it back in.

The Satyr, who finally gives his name as Nook Nimmlock, pretends to have a heart attack, prompting the guard to enter the cell (after commanding them all to stand back). They do that, and the guard approaches Nook, who suddenly stands and attacks the guard, commanding them all to grab him! There is a brief tussel, in which Reggie knocks him out. He then takes his sword, while Nook takes his keys and frees Thirst. There is a convenient chest that they find their weapons stored in. Thrist finds 10 gold pieces in the guard's pockets. He then attempts to fly into the keyhole of the weapons chest. This causes him to get stuck. Nook rips him out and uses the keys to unlock it. Nell and Thirst hop on up on Reggie, who rides out, followed by VAQ and Nook, who leads them from room to room, so I guess he's in the lead now Jesus, leave me alone, alright?!


Four adventurers attempt to escape a prison cell. They do it, eventually.


In This Episode...

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters


Quest Log Updates

  • [NEW][Complete] - Escape the Spring Court Jail
  • [NEW][Active] - Return the Jade Pyramid to Lady Arnaesis


"Oh god, I made Drax..." ~ Tim Lanning, on his new character

"You want to leave, and you want our help; but we're locked in here, so... welp!" ~ Thirst


  • Recap
    • Tim - 4
    • Jennifer - 6
    • Bachmann - 18

  • Large Reggie throws Thirst's cage to the ground with Strength - 9
    • It's kind of locked in place, he can't pick it up

  • They all roll Religion to see what they know about the Queen of Spring
  • Nell - 7
    • She's heard the name, that's it
  • Large Reggie - 13
    • He knows her to be Melora
  • Thirst - 13
    • Nothing
  • VAQ - 5
    • Nothing

  • Some of them roll History to see if they know about Lady Arnaesis
  • VAQ - 17
  • Nell - 15
    • They know that she and the Queen of Spring have recently become lovers
  • Thirst - Nat1
    • He thinks she doesn't exist

  • Large Reggie rolls Athletics to try to kick the bars of the cell - 5+6
    • Fail - he hurts his hoof

  • VAQ rolls Persuasion to get the guard to release them - 15+7
    • The guard attempts to get him his own cell

  • Large Reggie tries to steal VAQ's Staff of Law
    • Large Reggie - 18
    • VAQ - 3-1
      • Large Reggie wins, he has the Staff of Law

Combat Begins between VAQ and Large Reggie

  • Initiative
    • Large Reggie - 15
    • VAQ - 5

Round One

  • Large Reggie
    • Ranged Attack (throws Staff of Law) vs Guard - 2+6
      • Miss
    • Second Attack - kicks the door - Nat1
      • Fail

  • VAQ
    • Tries to catch the Staff with Dexterity - 11+3
      • He is able to touch one claw onto it, pulls it toward him

Combat Ends

  • Thirst rolls Persuasion to get the guard to let him out of his small cage - 23
    • The guard tells him he doesn't need to comply

Combat Begins vs Guard

  • Initiative
    • Reggie - 19
    • Thirst - 18
    • VAQ - 11
    • Nell - 7

Round One

  • Reggie
    • Kicks the guard (x2) (with advantage) - 22, Nat20
      • Hit, Hit - 6+7 damage total - knocks him out

Combat Ends

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