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Episode 259 - Welcome to the Feywild
(Campaign 1 - Episode 259)
Release Date: April 09, 2018
Recording Date: March 29, 2018
Episode Length: 58:53
Cast & Characters
Michael DiMauro: Dungeon Master
Tim Lanning: Toby Treacletart
Jennifer Cheek: Rowan Grey
Mike Bachmann: Skud Derringer
Nika Howard: Lahnik "Lahni" Caplain
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Looks like some sort of funny business is going on in the Feywild. We don’t really want to go to the Fey Lands, especially without a guide…but we have to try to track down Thom Harper! Plus this dang, weird Orb! What is its deal? I kinda hate it. I am sure we won’t die in the Feywild since we are strong and all, but what if we are only strong for our realm…oh god I hate this.


Long Story[]

Snow is falling in Pelor's Hope, which is odd. The Tower of Grey have just discovered a tuning instrument that is somehow linked to the Feywild, in the room of the missing Prince Thom Harper. They bring their findings to Queen Ashayara Dayne, but claim that they can't go to the Feywild to find Thom Harper until they are ready. Toby gives the orb to Rowan, and then Lahni and Skud are introduced to Ashayara Dayne. She holds out a hand to Lahni for a kiss, but Lahni instead sucks on her finger. This being the Arkensaw way, it does not perturb the queen. Rowan has the idea to head to the White Spire and see if someone there knows about the Feywild. Toby is asleep, but Skud creates three skeletons from his bag of holding, to carry him.

Once at the WS, the receptionist (?) at the gates recognizes the sleeping gnome, and lets them in, but tells them to go see Watson Copperfield. They head up, and meet with the old gnome. It seems they haven't seen each other in years, although he and Rowan have met before. Lahni licks his finger (as does one of Skud's skeletons which is also from Arkensaw, apparently), and asks him to teach her a spell that will tie together someone's shoelaces. He tells her to look down, and she sees that her own foot wraps are tied together! She knows she will fall, but takes the step anyway. Damn, isn't that deep? Watson meets Skud, and tells him that, while necromancy is forbidden, they will make an exception for him. Getting to the matter at hand, Rowan shows him the orb, which he is unfamiliar with. He casts Identify on it, but can't discover anything. He does deem it to be a map, and tells them that one of the symbols on it, represents the Feywild. He of course would have heard of the Thom Harper situation, so isn't at all surprised when it is brought up. He reveals that the strange weather anomalies are disturbing him, claiming that in their world, the weather can be dictated by the goings on in the Feywild.

The Feywild, Watson exposits, is a sort of mirror plane to our own world. Many of the features are reflected across both, but there are slight differences. For example, an active, fire-spewing volcano on our world, may be a mountain with fire crystals adorning its peak over there. It is like a Disney movie, with pretty forests and wondrous animals, etc, though not without its share of dangers. He is, however, unsure of a lot of stuff, and recommends they go to the Fey Court in the FW to get more information. They go shopping, which we don't get to see, and Toby sleeps for 8 hours. Once he wakes up, the others are prepared to go. They tell Toby the little they've learned, and he reminds them that he knows about the Feywild, having been there. Toby searches around the White Spire for some help, specifically someone who could help them track things in the Feywild, but their accountant, Frank, warns them that they don't have it in the budget to hire someone new. Toby casts the spell (In Thom Harper's room), and they all arrive in the Feywild! It is dark here, and the trees around them are enormous. The leaves are black, and they block out the sun. Spider webs hang from the branches. Toby Prestidigitizes lights around them, and Skud prepares one of his skele-bros, giving him a Wand of Magic Missiles. On the side of the wand are the words, "Skud Missile".

They can hear skittering sounds coming from the woods around them, so Lahni begins walking toward it. She can't find anything, but thinks she sees things moving out of the corner of their eyes. Rowan uses her tracking abilities, and can ascertain that someone came to this location, and Plane Shifted out of here, to the Prime Material Plane, perhaps. Frank pipes in and points out that if the tuning fork they discovered is attuned to the Feywild, then they would need it to come here. Which would mean, ipso facto, that whoever owned the fork is not in said Feywild, and is back in Pelor's Hope. Whoops. Rowan sniffs out the tracks as a dog would, leading them toward wherever the Plane Shifter came from. Lahni saves Toby and Skud from falling into giant spider web. Skud's skeleton, whoever, walks right in. They notice several people-sized bundles wrapped up in webbing, and one of them is squirming. They go to try to open the pod, but several spiders the size of ponies arrive and surround them!


The party found a tuning fork attuned to the Feywild, and so assumed that someone captured Prince Thom Harper and took him there. They bring this information to Ashayara Dayne, then they go to the White Spire to ask Watson Copperfield about the orb they found and the Feywild. He doesn't have much information, just tells them that the Feywild is like a mirror image to our world, but beautiful, though dangerous. The party returns to Thom Harper's room and Plane Shifts to the Feywild! After discovering that there are female tracks leading back to where they came from, they decide to follow the tracks backward to see where they originated. They soon come across a large spider web with many people-sized pods of webbing, one of which is squirming. They are attacked by giant spiders before they can free it.


  • Due to their recent trip to Gnome Heaven, the party is now all wearing memorabilia from there
  • Ashayara Dayne refers to her sister Rowan as "Ro-Ro"
  • They take the couch to the Feywild with them, or do they? damn.

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Quest Log Updates[]


"Toby, we learned so many things: that Feys can be mysterious creatures, and that they could have stolen Thom for any reason!" ~ Lahni Caplain


  • Recap
    • Bachmann - Nat20 - Chooses Michael
    • Jennifer - 7
    • Tim - 3
    • Nika - 6
    • Michael - Bapped

  • Rowan rolls History to to see what she knows about the Feywild - 18
    • knows it is a wooded area with strong magic. She knows that she could find more information at the White Spire

  • They all roll Perception upon entering the Feywild
    • Toby - 20
    • Rowan - 16
    • Skud - 18+7
    • Lahni - 22
      • They each hear skittering noises

  • Rowan uses Survival to see if she can track anything - 22
    • She finds old-ish tracks that may be a woman's

  • They all roll Perception whilst tracking the Plane Shifters
    • Toby - 9
    • Lahni - Nat20+10
    • Rowan - 19
    • Skud - 13
      • Toby and Skud miss a giant spider web, but are saved by Lahni