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Episode 179 - The War of Wyrmsbane Keep Part 4

A demon, Adira, and Artixus

Release Date: August 22, 2016
Episode Length: 01:02:16
Cast & Characters
Michael DiMauro: Dungeon Master
Tim Lanning: King Titus Harper
Jennifer Cheek: Aludra Wyrmsbane
Mike Bachmann: Jett Razor
Nika Howard: Jaela
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In this role-play only episode, two very important things happen. Aludra essentially becomes queen, and Jett finally gets to debut his magical mansion that he's been wanting to share with the group, and it very quickly devolves in a scene of depravity.


Jaela casts Cure Wounds on Jett Razor, while Aludra the Dwarf watches as the leaders of the dwarven houses, Coppertone, Stevenson, Ironbeard, and Stoneborn all approach and dismount. Only the Coppertones and Stevensons are bannermen of House Wyrmsbane, but together they express discontent towards House Oakback in regards to the marketplaces and mining. They tell Aludra that they should all band together and wipe them out, and all four houses will swear to her as Queen of the Dwarves. Aludra looks to her father, Lord Aloryn, but he steps back from her, and Harper casts Prestidigitation to make her armor have a golden glow, while Jaela casts Daylight focusing down on Aludra. Aludra address the kneeling armies before her, and tells them how humbled she is, but she cannot agree to slaughtering the Oakbacks outright. She did not kill Baldur Oakback and his murderer is still out there. She asks for forty-eight hours for a chance to negotiate with the Oakbacks. Jett tries to egg Aludra to take the deal outright, but she won't budge on this issue. As king of Pelor's Hope, Harper announces his support of Aludra, and councils that the peace talks be made at Oakback Keep while surrounded by all the dwarven armies as a show of force.

Yllanys Wyrmsbane offers the party cookies, and knowing they need to rest before the meeting, Jett Razor once again offers to summon his Magnificient Mansion. He casts the spell and invites all the dwarves inside. Within this magical space is a large bowling alley an Harper eats nachos, enchiladas, and pork spare ribs with North Carolina barbeque sauce and Lexington style and takes a nap. Ale is also served, but what's of most interest to the dwarves after the exhilarating battle are the handjobs being offered up by servants created by Jett's spell. Quickly the bowling alley is just a place for the servants to service all the dwarves. Aludra's father comes in and both are very uncomfortable and cannot look each other in the eyes, but he tells his daughter that the meeting has been set up for first light, and that he will be sending the armies ahead to encircle Oakback Keep and he leaves.

Aludra calls all her friends to have a meeting to discuss their strategy tomorrow, but they're really not sure what they can do to convince the Oakbacks that they did not kill Baldur, because they still have no proof. All they can do is tell the truth, and if that fails, try to compel them with magic. Kipper butts in and says that she doesn't need a strategy because she has the upper hand and can force whatever she wants, and Harper tells the kuo toa that he's free to go home if he wants, and offers Kipper a magical stone to use if he ever needs help. Kipper isn't so sure about going home to the Underdark when there is food and safety up here. Harper gets distracted by the thought that Aludra is queen now and tells her that one of the most fun she'll have is designing her new castle and where it should be. When prompted where she would want to have it, she tells him that with all the strife going on, and memories of her brother's death underneath a mountain, she wants her castle built at the top instead, in the light, with funiculars to take her people to and from the castle. With the meeting ended without any solid plan, and most of the dwarves done having their turns, most people exit the mansion. Harper wants to check in on Winston and the others and sleep in a real bed Wyrmsbane Keep, and Aludra and Jaela make eyes at each other and head to Aludra's room, while Jett stays in his mansion until dawn.

At dawn, Aludra mounts a giant komodo dragon, and they all march to Oakback Keep. When they arrive, high atop the parapets they see the Oakback entourage emerge next to a gibbet. They bring out Bucky and put his neck in the noose, and ask Aludra if she's ready to negotiate.


  • Yllanys Wyrmsbane's cookies give +10 hp each. A Potion of Healing only gives 2d4+2.
  • Lord Alloryn Wyrmsbane calls his daughter, "Luda Doodle."

In This Episode...[]

Cast and Player Characters[]

Non-Player Characters[]


  • Komodo dragon mounts
  • Meseeks


Inventory Updates[]

  • -1 Kipper from the party?

Quest Log Updates[]

  • [Active] - Win the dwarven civil war
  • [Active] - Clear Jaela's name
  • [Active] - What are birds?
  • [Unresolved] - Kipper, foe or friend?
  • Longcryer!
  • Save the shrinking high elf city of Galanthis


"Your treelike arms are most impressive. We will follow you, and destroy the Oakbacks! Queen of the Dwarves!" ~ Samuelson Ironbeard

"Hand jobs for everyone and mouth stuff for the ladies. " ~ Nika Howard


  • Recap
    • Bachmann - 16
    • Nika - 13
    • Jennifer - 10
    • Tim - 6