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Episode 16 - A Legend from the Depths

Release Date: February 18, 2013
Episode Length: 2:26:05
Cast & Characters
Michael DiMauro: Dungeon Master
Tim Lanning: Tum Darkblade
Jennifer Cheek: Aludra the Dwarf
Mike Bachmann: Thom the Dragonborn
Steven Strom: Junpei Iori
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After a daring battle with a band of evil pirates, your adventurers are now looking forward to a little fun in the sun. Having “liberated” Hookbeard’s boat and freeing his captives getting to Caer is now only a few days passage. That is if they don’t run into the legendary sea monster that haunts these water. I am sure he won’t show up though.


Long Story[]


Having slaughtered Hookbeard and his innocent crew, creating 19 orphans, our heroes free the slaves, despite knowing they could sell them for G1000 each. Ros informs the team of a sea monster in the area before realizing that they are significantly off course. Aludra offers to help by acting as lookout and Ros accuses her of sexism. Suddenly the team hears "WOOMF!" and the boat shakes so violently that Junpei and Aludra are thrown to the ground. A giant Kraken has grabbed the ship. Aludra is inspired by his "wise eyes." Ros and the other crew retreat below decks. Everyone is disappointed to find that the cannons on the Roll20 map don't actually exist. Three tentacles on either side of the boat grip the vessel while two loom menacingly overhead near the exposed kraken's head.

Junpei rolled 20 for initiative allowing him to leave his prone position. Tim still went first. Aludra may be in love with the kraken, and thrifty mentions how scarred he is from having to google tentacle. Tim begins combat by acting as moil on one of the tentacles, and is covered in goo. Junpei uses his new eye patch to fire a "poop ray" at the kraken and misses. He then climbs the rigging to lob a nightmare erouption at it, and misses again. Aludra stands and uses thorn strike on a tentacle, identified as "tentacle 1". Thom uses rousing assault on tentacle 3, having cracked thrifty's code, but misses. He then uses lightning breath on tentacle 3 and attacking tentacle 2. The tentacles attached to the boat squeeze the boat. Atk. tentacle 1 grabs Aludra, suspending her above the water. Atk. tentacle 2 does the same to Junpei. The kraken head lifts its beak out of the water to fire a burst of lightning hitting Thom.

Tum uses a natural 20 SLY FLOURISH on a tentacle. Then uses an action point to use SLY FLOURISH On another tentacle. Junpei fires his heat beam from his eye patch at the tentacle holding him causing it to release him. As he falls he uses water stride to land on a wave. He uses an action point to use ebony razors to hit several tentacles and the head. Aludra used a melee basic to free herself. Thom states that he wants to jump from the boat to the krakens face using his attack to drive his sword in as an anchor. Thrifty gives a DC18, which Thom matches. Thom makes the leap and sticks the landing following it with demonic frenzy. Enthralled with his success Thom spends an action point to use bastion of defense, but rolls a 2. The kraken attacks Aludra with its beak, but it can't break through her armor. Atk. tentacle 1 strikes at Thom. Atk. tentacle 2 attacks junpei. 3 of the 5 boat tentacles reattach and squeeze the boat sending splinters flying.

Tum attacks tentacle 5 with SLY FLOURISH. Junpei uses telekinetic leap to move aludra. Then retreats to the boat and hides with chameleon's mask. Aludra uses melee basic against tentacle 2 but misses. Then uses an action point to use rending fury. Thom is firmly seated on the krakens' face in such a way that his boner is jabbing it's eye. He uses rousing assault but it glances off of the beast's armored head. He uses inspiring word on himself. The kraken uses lightning breath on Aludra catching the hidden Junpei in the blast, but Aludra manages to avoid it. Atk tentacle 1 tries to grab Aludra, but she manages to avoid it. Atk tentacle 2 slaps Thom. Tentacle 6 causes more damage to the boat, and two tentacles reattach.

Tum SLY FLOURISHes tentacle 5. Junpei drops his flaming sphere. Aludra uses thorn strike on tentacle 1. Thom uses guarding attack, then uses inspiring word on Junpei. The kraken fires "lesser lightning beak" at Aludra. Atk tentacle 1 grabs Thom, suspending him over the water. Atk tentacle 2 grabs Junpei. Tentacle 6 further damages the boat and two others reattach.

Tum uses dazing strike, but misses. Junpei sustains his fireball, and remembers that the tentacles didn't take damage and retroactively applies the damage. He uses his sphere to attack the tentacle holding him, killing it. He swims back towards the ship. Aludra uses her daily, turning into the form of winters herald. Her attack fails but still does half damage and immobilized tentacle 2. Thom uses melee basic on the tentacle holding him, but fails. The kraken fires lightning at Aludra but misses. The remaining atk tentacle moves Thom over the kraken's beak. Tentacles 1 and 6 damage the ship. It is taking on water. Tentacle 3 is damaged from the fireball and it dies. Tentacle 2 is immobilized.

Tum SLY FLOURISHes tentacle 6, and uses humid daily, press the advantage killing the tentacle. The boat lists from the two remaining tentacles on one side. Junpei moves his fireball to damage tentacle 2. Aludra uses resilience of life killing a tentacle and giving Junpei 3 temporary health. Thom uses melee basic on the tentacle holding him. Thom lands back on the krakens face. Thom uses intimidate (incorrectly) to give the kraken a -2 to its attack. The kraken fires lightning at Tum, but misses. Atk tentacle slaps Thom. The last boat tentacle takes damage from the fireball, and damages the boat. Tum takes damage from the fireball and SLY FLOURISHes the tentacle. Junpei sustains his fireball and moves it to damage the tentacle killing it. There are no more boat tentacles. Aludra uses thorn strike against the kraken head, but misses. She takes her second wind healing herself and plus 2 to defense. Thom rolls a 1 and falls into the water. He attacks desperately. The kraken takes damage from the fireball and bites Thom. Atk tentacle misses Tum.

Tum SLY FLOURISHes the remaining tentacle, killing it. There are no more tentacles. He ties a rope around his shuriken. Junpei sustains his fireball and damages the kraken. Aludra misses with thorn strike. Thom attacks the kraken and retreats toward the ship. The kraken takes damage from the fireball and then attacks with a large lightning blast hitting junpei.

Tum rolls natural 20 and throws his roped shuriken into the krakens head tethering it to the boat and killing the beast.

The kraken is dead, but there is no time for celebration, the boat is sinking. To be continued.


After saving the slaves in the ship, the party is attacked by a kraken, which they take a while to defeat. Ultimately, Tum deals the killing blow with a shuriken tied to a rope, which causes the dead kraken to be tethered to the boat.

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