Episode 146 - An Illuminating Encounter Part 2


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November 23, 2015

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Cast & Characters

Michael DiMauro:

Dungeon Master

Tim Lanning:

Lord Titus Harper

Jennifer Cheek:

Aludra Wyrmsbane

Mike Bachmann:

Thom Vidalis / Steve Meloncamp

Nika Howard:



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Lanterns are usually something that are to be ignored. So simple yet so essential to our everyday life. Luckily, they are extremely fun to smash, especially when you have permission. Gruemar the Silver should have had a better plan against the genius minds attacking his camp. Ha, he looked so stupid. Wait, what is that sound? Is that… no can’t be… it sounds like mixed and confusing swearing coming from the woods. My Erathis have mercy on our souls…

Story[edit | edit source]

Long Story[edit | edit source]

Harper has just learned an illuminating fact... That the lanterns are magically linked to Gruemar the Silver's armor, making him stronger. There are two lamps remaining, on either side of the room. Thom destroys them and Gruemar seems upset. They are now able to do massive amounts of damage, before Thom deals the final blow my stabbing him in the only unarmored spot he has... You can guess where it is.

There is an explosion outside. Thom cuts off the head of Gruemar and takes it. The church is on fire! so Thom jumps out the window, and Harper uses his storm sorcery put out the fire. Aludra loots the body, and Jaela checks out Aludra's body, because she likes it when she lootin'. This is 100% canon. The rest of them (Thom jumped out the window) try to escape through the sewers again, but then realize they have to go back for Thom. Jaela also jumps out a sperate window. Harper jumps out a higher window, to show off his flying. And Aludra climbs out one of the broken windows like a sad child.

Outside is chaos. There are devils and knights fighting each other, with dead bodies on both sides everywhere. Several dead bodies have arrows in them, which is strange. The last devil, Jarlton 2, kills the last knight, and says, "We did it!" before an arrow pierces through his face, killing him. They hear a familiar voice call out "What are you tunted shaft-benders doing here?"

Short[edit | edit source]

They are able to defeat Gruemar the Silver, and stop the church from burning down. The devils outside have caused sufficient rucus, killing everyone, but also dying off themselves. Luccan shows up to clear out the rest.

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Non-Player Characters[edit | edit source]

Luccan Swears[edit | edit source]

  • "What are you tunted shaft-benders doing here?"

Locations[edit | edit source]

Inventory Updates[edit | edit source]

  • -12 devils from the party

Quest Log Updates[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"I just stumbled on some yaoi that is just... wowie." ~ Nika Howard 2017

"I can't make it rain, I can only make rain do different go." ~ Titus Harper/TimLanning

Rolls[edit | edit source]

  • Recap
    • Tim - 18
    • Jennifer - 15
    • Bachmann - 16
    • Nika - 3

Combat Continues vs Gruemar the Silver

  • Thom
    • Melee Attack one lamp - 24
      • Hit - destroys it
    • Melee Attack one lamp - 24
      • Hit - destroys it
        • His armor flares again, and it looks a little rusty

  • Aludra
    • Melee Attack (x2) - 24, she doesn't do the second
      • Hit, - 11, and sets him on fire

  • Jaela
    • Melee Attack (x3) - 25, 18, 24
      • Hit, Hit, Hit - 10 (adds Devine Smite) + 28 + 10 + 9

Round Three

  • Gruemar
    • Is on fire, requiring a DC 15 CON saving throw - ??
      • Fail - 2 fire damage
    • Melee Attack Jaela (x2) (with disadvantage) - Nat1, 19
      • Miss, Hit - 30 slashing

  • Harper
    • Casts [ Scorching Ray] at fourth level, sending five fireballs at him - 10, 21, 11, 24, 18
      • Miss, Hit, Miss, Hit, Hit - 22 damage total

  • Thom
    • Melee Attack (x2) - 27, 25
      • Hit, Hit - 14 + 24 damage
    • Kisses him

  • Aludra
    • Uses Aura of Vitality to heal Jaela (which Nika rolls) - 5 hp
      • This also stops setting Gruemar on fire

  • Jaela
    • Melee Attack (x2) - 21, ?? more than 20
      • Hit, Hit - 57 damage

Round Two

  • Gruemar
    • Melee Attack (x2) to Jaela - ??, 23
      • Miss, Hit - 30 damage

  • Harper
    • Scorching Ray - 11, 11, 14, 13, 14
      • Miss, Miss, Miss, Miss, Miss

  • Thom
    • Melee Attack (x2) - 26, 21
      • Hit, hit - 23 + 21 damage - kills him!
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