Episode 144 - The Army of Bahamut

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November 09, 2015

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Michael DiMauro:

Dungeon Master

Tim Lanning:

Lord Titus Harper

Jennifer Cheek:

Aludra Wyrmsbane

Mike Bachmann:

Thom Vidalis / Steve Meloncamp

Nika Howard:



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The gang finally reaches the “Army of Bahamut”. Quotes added because rumor has it that these Bahamut-heads are bad people who do not do nice things in the name of their dragon lord. When the devils said they were bad it was tough to believe them since, well, they are devils. But Erathis (!) also said the AoB was bad news. So, I guess we just have to go Gnoll City on these folks.

Story[edit | edit source]

Long Story[edit | edit source]

The party leaves Adira Harper and the Devils of Shadowspar keep and venture to New Newfoundland Land in order to investigate the Army of Bahamut and deal with their leader: Gruemar the Silver.

New Newfoundland Land has been transformed into a large, fortified, and manned encampment - complete with siege engines and other military ordinances.

Aludra commands the devils to "cause a ruckus" at 3:33am three days from their entrance into the camp of Bahamut, hoping that Gruemar will be dealt with and the ruckus will allow them to escape the camp easier. The plan is agreed to as long as the devils make sure to use their pointy tails to poke holes in tents and slap horses on butts.

The party approaches the gate covered in dirt, wearing flannel shirts (apparently), and are confronted by guards - who question the party's intentions. After 11 minutes of stalling, the characters manage to keep their weapons as they enter the encampment. Gruemar had, for quite some time, been collecting the people who stumble upon the camp to work in the platinum mines of New Newfoundland Land, and the party is escorted to see "The Mayor" to be put to work, as newcomers are not allowed to see Grumar.

Once the leader of New Newfoundland Land, Ballard has been given the (mostly ornamental) title of Mayor, and discusses the fate of both New Newfoundland Land and the previous party members with everyone. After a short conversation, Ballard confirms that he knows many of the hidden tunnels beneath the town/encampment.

After a lengthy and aloof conversation determining who can/cannot make meatloaf, do magic tricks, cast spells, or trust Ballard, Michael "Thriftynerd" DiMauro, drinking straight from a bottle of whiskey, has Ballard expedite the adventure by summarizing the events to come, up to the following montage:

  • Thom carves a devil's head like a pumpkin. Happy Halloween.
  • Aludra ferries gems to and from various parts of the camp and tries to make friends.
  • Harper uses Three-Dragon Ante games to learn more about the slaves inside the camp and make new friends.
  • Jaela trains various slaves on how to "shiv a bitch" and "shank people" as well as offering them religious guidance.

In three days time, the party has maneuvered themselves into an advantageous position to assault Gruemar's tent...

Short[edit | edit source]

Aludra commands their new devil friends to wait a couple days and then attack the camp of the Army of Bahamut. They then infiltrate it pretending to be working for them, but they get to keep their weapons for some reason. They are taken to meet Ballard, who is still here, and now in charge of scheduling. He assigns them their duties, making sure that it will be easy for them to fight when it's time for the attack. A couple days pass in a montage, and now it's time for the attack.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Shadowspar devils reveal they can speak common through Telepathy, and also that they openly use gendered insults.
  • Harper continues his patented threat of being able to "kill [the rest of the party] with a flick of [his] wrists," which gets him mocked by the paladins for being "a squisher."
  • The party talks at length about how Charismatic and good looking the party is/has become.
  • Nika Howard fangirls out upon her character meeting Mayor Ballard.
  • Aludra introduces Jaela to Ballard, a religious fanatic, as her "girlfriend."

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

"I know, it's half of a devil time." ~ Aludra Wyrmbane

"This is a stupid show, for stupid people." ~ Harper/Tim

Rolls[edit | edit source]

  • Recap
    • Tim - 5
    • Jennifer - 17
    • Nika - 2
    • Bachmann - 12

  • Harper rolls Persuasion to convince the Army of Bahamut to accept them into their ranks - 22

  • Aludra rolls Insight to see if the two Bobs are tricking them - 16
    • She thinks they're on the up-and-up

  • Jaela Insights Ballard to see if they can trust Ballard - 19
    • Yeah! You can trust Ballard
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