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Episode 12 - Not Quite Through the Woods

Release Date: January 21, 2013
Episode Length: 2:01:49
Cast & Characters
Michael DiMauro: Dungeon Master
Tim Lanning: Tum Darkblade
Jennifer Cheek: Aludra the Dwarf
Mike Bachmann: Thom the Dragonborn
Steven Strom: Junpei Iori
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To make up for the lack of a battle in last week’s Drunks and Dragons we fight for a really long time this episode. Like always, we go back and forth between dying and exploding the enemies with reckless abandon. Close your eyes and let the sounds of battle wash over you. Be sure to listen to the end since some pretty crazy cliff hangers occur.


Long Story[]

Bolstered by their new abilities, Aludra the Dwarf, Tum Darkblade, Junpei Iori and Thom the Dragonborn hastily arm themselves to face the sudden orc attack. As arrows begin to fly, Junpei accuses Thom of sleeping while on watch, making the group an easy target for their foes. Thom bristles at the slight to his honor and turns his anger on the orcs, launching a furious attack. It brings no aid to Junpei though, as he is struck down by the orc archers.

Tum, Aludra and Thom press the attack against the orc witch doctor and his raiding party. As the orcs balk in the face of this ferocious charge, Thom manages to revive Junpei, but he himself is badly wounded in the process. As Junpei deploys a barrage of spells, Aludra charges the orc archers, forcing them into close combat. Their clumsy axe blows are no match for Aludra and Thom, but the desperate orcs have elected to fight to the death.

With one last vicious strike, an orc hand-axe nearly beheads Thom! Aludra intervenes and prevents his death, only to have the Dragonborn grimly exclaim it was a good day to die. As Aludra slays the final orc, the heroes wonder if the raiding party had been on their way to New Newfoundland Land to put Ballard's people to the sword. Looting the bodies of the slain creatures, the group finds twenty days-worth of rations and a purse containing eight gold pieces.

As the group leaves the battlefield, they come within sight of the port town of Mastwick. Approaching the gate, they discover the entry tax for the town costs more gold than they have. As they decide what to do next, one of the gate guards unexpectedly addresses Tum as "Master Thumble," and graciously welcomes him and his friends to Mastwick.


The party is attacked by, and slays, a band of orcs, then makes it to Mastwick, where Tum Darkblade is referred to as Master Thumble by the guards.

In This Episode...[]

Cast and Player Characters[]

Non-Player Characters[]

  • Mastwickian Guards
  • Orcs


Quest Log Updates[]

  • [Backburner] - Find out who the players are
  • [NEW][Active] - What's up with Tum?
  • [Active] - Remove the Brain Bombs from the players' heads
  • [Optional] - Find a way to pay back Geodude