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Emperor Beauregard
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Emperor Beauregard was, well, an Emperor. He ruled over a region of Drunkeros far off in the east. The capital city of the empire was Farhold. He rose to power following his victory over the wizards of the White Spire during the Mage Wars, after which magic became outlawed for most people. The only ones legally aloud to perform magic were those within the Ordinatio Theonitus, a special order of powerful magic users. They were bodyguards/security for the empire, as well as peace-keepers and dolers-out of justice. Think the Kingsguard from Game of Thrones. They bore collars made of Theonite, which helped them focus their magic.

It was revealed that he had had a history with Ratma Ritmo, who didn't think very highly of him. Describing him as "more pretty than anything", she suspected that there was was someone else running the show behind the scenes.

Likely, this character is actually Big Bo, who had also adventured with Ratma Ritmo, and was extremely beefy, not very intelligent, and very pretty. But, I don't like to assume anything. Also, I only just put two and two together about this, so I'm going to pretend like I'm being "cautious".


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