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Elwin Trantor
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Status: Dead
Cause of Death: Unknown, body found
Affiliations: The Goblin Pit
First Episode: Last Episode:
A Misread Situation (2x02) A Misread Situation (2x02)

Elwin Trantor was a busboy/server at The Goblin Pit. He was found dead one morning by mysterious circumstances, hanging upside-down from a nearby statue of Reya, his stomach sliced open, and his entrails hanging down. Gross stuff.

While investigating the murder, T'Chuck, R'Oarc, Selene von Esper, and Screech Echo encountered a group of creatures that looked like Elwin, but child-sized, and with bloody faces. They weren't quite zombies, but were pretty shuffling. The creatures attacked the party, but were defeated.