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Eckhart Dayhammer

(Matthew Morris / NPC)

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The Cleric of Rhaegar!







Cause of Death:



Circle of Seven

The Tower of Grey


First Episode:

Last Episode:

Episode 267 - The Orcus Onslaught Part 1


MISC Info:

By the X of Rhaegar!

Fancy, gold/gem encrusted armor/shield.

Wore a banner around his neck, black field, trimmed with gold, containing the symbol of a book with horns.

Level 20.

Eckhart Dayhammer was an important paladin serving Rhaegar, who was summoned by Bigby as a part of his Circle of Seven, to help on their quest to defeat the dreaded Orcus. Before being summoned, he was on a mission to drive back the forces of hell.

He, along with Lady Adira Harper, was heavily involved with the events of the missing Gods, notably rescuing The Tower of Grey a time or two from scrapes. He traveled to Elysium to search for Adira, before being commanded by Pelor to defend Pelor's Hope during its Siege. There, he met the Tower of Grey, and agreed to accompany them on their trip to find the, now missing, Pelor in the Shadowfell1.

After the Tower of Grey were imprisoned, his whereabouts went unknown, until they discovered him being attacked by a pack of hooded figures in the tunnels of Grull. They were able to successfully save his life, though it was discovered that he was missing his right arm up to the elbow. He told the party that he had been taken into a dark pit and tortured, beaten, burned. They had taken his arm. It's fucked up.

Eventually, they were all able to kill the warden and escape Grull. Eckahrt was brought back to The Tower of Gray.

At some point, he returned to Pelor's Hope and received a "magical, metallic arm". The nature of this arm, and the magic it is made out of, is currently unknown.

He later accompanied the Queen Aludra Wyrmsbane, Jaela, and their allies as they traveled to Sigil on a lead to find Adira Harper. After finding her, he jumped at her, causing her to send him into a Maze. Fortunately, he was able to make his way out of it and find a way back to Drunkeros, where he warned the Tower of Grey of Aludra and Jaela's disappearance. He then accompanied them on their mission to The City of Brass, to find the next piece of The Orb.

Later, he appeared back at the Tower of Gray, and traveled with the Tower to The Slime Pits of The Abyss to rescue Aludra, Jaela and Adira.

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