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This is the conclusion to the Monster One Shot two-parter Random Encounter. The gang makes their way through obstacles and find themselves a battle with a necromancer named Tal Lorvalis. He wanted them to know his name before they killed him. Lial Nym obtains The Ring after Robochocula delivers the final blow to the necromancer, and they discover that The Ring gives +1 to Streetwise but is super badass.


  • Lady Nym takes over her asshole sister's town with the power she's gained from The Ring.
  • Robochocula immediately transforms into a fighter jet a flies away to his home planet.
  • Zix the goblin is exiled from the Underdark due to the drows' discovery: the bird skull that this cleric uses was from the head drow's pet raven that Zix found flying around and then decapitated.
  • Tak-tha the Thri-kreen, since he only held the door open and didn't help Lady Nym in her final battle, is demoted in the slave ranks and must serve Theric, opening every door for him.