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The world of DnD Podcast (As of March, 2015).

Greetings Adventurers takes place in the setting of Drunkeros. Originally intended to be a world of strife and gritty realism, it was later changed to suit the fantastical and more silly tastes of the players. Many of the locations and distances have been argued about during the podcast, but close approximations are good enough to get a feeling of what the realm is like. As the story progresses and new locations are discovered, this wiki page will (hopefully) be updated!

West Continent[]

The opening location of the Greetings Adventurers podcast and home to the most advanced settlements. The climate is mainly temperate, with several dense forests and hilly regions scattered throughout. Ventures through the countryside are generally unimpeded other than occasional spider ambushes, local ruffians, and in rare instances a Dreadwing Behemoth sighting.

East Continent[]

Other than the bustling city of Caer, most of the eastern continent is far less hospitable than the western regions of Drunkeros. Many of the caves and forests of the Eastern Continent are inhabited by vicious monstrosities: including Trolls, Hydras, Dragons, Glow Clouds, Giant Snails, and Beleiber Sirens. The northwest of Drunkeros is a cold, dreary place. It has fewer cities, that feel more small town-ish. Skaldvar is one of the largest cities there, where all the rivers meet.

The Sea[]

Free Cities[]


  • White Spire
  • Yangahr - Note: Yangahr is described as being in the "far East" on several occasions. To keep the map from being exceptionally large, the Storm Sea may have been truncated to make it more manageable. When in doubt, just remember that however long it takes to get to Yangahr is however long it would take for the Podcast time to match real world time.