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And welcome to the Wiki! This site is a knowlege base of the many goings-on (and there are many) of the Greetings, Adventurers! podcast, an ongoing, actual-play, 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons role-playing comedy adventure series, with a focus on entertainment, inclusivity, and all around good vibes. Since October 2012, Dungeon Master Michael DiMauro has led a rag tag team of heroes around the wonderful world of Drunkeros. Along the way, we've laughed, learned, and most certainly loved.

With the many adventures of Tim Lanning, Jennifer Cheek, Mike Bachmann, Nika Howard, and Steven Strom have come numerous characters, locations, events, and items, all of which have the propensity to be immediately forgotten about the second they are out of frame. And so, this Wiki was born. Equal parts record of the show's history, and comedic (I hope) recap of the episodes, this site is dedicated to the ongoing task of keeping the lore and cannon of the show in what can loosely be described as a line.

So, whether you are a long time fan looking to revisit old friends, a new listener confused about some new reference being made, or a random person who somehow accidentally stumbled across this site... feel free to kick back, pour a tall glass of Hellwasp Honey, put on Jett Razor's records, connect to The Belefonte's free Wifi, and read on, ye mighty, and despair...

Okay, Bye!

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To Foment and Brew a Revolution
August 1, 2022

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