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Cheryl Meloncamp
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Alias(es): The Great Leader
Race: Gnoll
Class: Leader
Status: Alive
Affiliations: Tidtowne Tidtowne Terrors
First Episode: Last Episode:
Episode 212 - Welcome to Tidtowne Episode 248 - Hashtag Bride Tribe Part 2
MISC Info:
Spoke with a southern drawl, even though Steve, who grew up with her, didn't

Cheryl Meloncamp was a Gnoll from the Meloncamps who fell in love with and married Steve Meloncamp long ago. She was also the mother of their child together, Xena Meloncamp. After the start of the Demon Apocalypse, she founded a safe-haven for monsters and creatures, and other folk who were discouraged from settling with more mainstream races, and named it Tidtowne. She frequently found herself in life-threatening situations, and needed to be saved repeated by several members of her town, called the Tidtowne Terrors.