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Location: Western coast of the middle continent of Drunkeros
Contains: Castle Greyskull

Temple of Erathis

Temple of Ioun (library)

The Rusty Bucket

Xantac's Magic Shop

Quimby's Tavern

Great Colosseum

Ruler: House Thumble - previous
Notable Occupants: Trant Thumble - previous
Status: Destroyed
Reason for Destruction:
Portal to The Abyss created by Fennekin in the center of the city
Affiliations: House Thumble
Appearances: First Episode: Episode 17 - Welcome to Caer!
Last Episode: Episode 401 - BIG Lahni - flashback of a dream
MISC Info:

Caer was a city ruled by Trant Thumble, evil father of Tum "Darkblade" Thumble. Caer sat on the Western-most coast of the middle continent of Drunkeros, and was the one of the largest cities, prior to its destruction. It housed many important landmarks, including Castle Greyskull (home of House Thumble), as well as The Temple of Erathis, actually reavealled to be a Temple of Orcus, which was then turned into a portal to the Abyss by Fennekin, resulting in the destruction of the entire city.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

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