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Breaking Points
(Campaign 2 - Episode 17)
Release Date: May 23, 2022
Recording Date: May 13, 2022
Episode Length: 1:12:04
Cast & Characters
Michael DiMauro: Dungeon Master
Tim Lanning: T'Chuck
Jennifer Cheek: Selene von Esper
Nika Howard: R'Oarc
Mike Bachmann: Screech Echo
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Things get much, much more complicated for our heroes this week. Truths are learned and allegiances are tested. Will they make it out intact?


Long Story[]

(I'm doing my best here, alright? There's a looooot in this episode, so go easy on me, please.)

The party has been rescued from a horde of scary bug creatures by way of a small figure riding atop an ant. This figure threw a metal canister on the ground that knocked out all of the insects, Selene and R'Oarc, and almost T'Chuck, but he withstood it. Screech was unaffected. This figure, who was previously attempting to ride atop one of the ants via a saddle, introduces themselves as Lucee (they/them pronouns). Lucee tells them they have to go, so T'Chuck potato sacks Selene and R'Oarc, and they go off. Lucee's ant was knocked out as well, so they have to walk, much to Screech's disappointment. They are able to quickly make it back out to the forest, where T'Chuck sets down his sleepy passengers. He then turns his attention on Lucee.

Lucee explains their situation. They are a member of "the magic resistance", which seems to be a group dedicated to bringing magic back to the world. The insects in the caves are growing bigger and meaner, as a result of there not being enough magic in use. Magic, Lucee tries to explain, is like water in a bucket, that's constantly filling up. If it isn't used, it will eventually overflow. And that would be bad. The large creepy crawlies are a symptom of that over-flowage. Lucee does admit that they "helped the process along a bit", however, using Theonite, specific foods, and other experiments to make them grow a little bit faster. Why would they do that, you ask? Well, Lucee wants to learn to control these bugs, and amass a bug army under their control. Then, with the power to fight back against the Ordinatio Theonitus, they will contact any surviving wizards. They further explain that they've been living in the White Spire, although probably wasn't the one who had the candle burning in the window. Lucee hasn't been able to make it upstairs, yet. The metal cannister is called a "grenade" (pronounced "gren-a-day"), and it knocks out any "casters", as well as any monster,s such as the insects. T'Chuck was just strong enough to withstand it.

T'Chuck warns Lucee that they shouldn't be blabbing about all of this to people they don't even know, revealing to Lucee his tattoos, which he got during the Mage/Wizard Wars. Screech corroborates T'Chuck's warning, since there are some folk who don't take too kindly to those who are into magic (such as Screech), and some folk who think all magic belongs to them own selves (such as Selene). Lucee isn't too worried, however. They crack open a tube, and wave it beneath Selene and R'Oarc's noses, which wakes them up, and everyone is filled in on what happened. They ask about the bugs, and if they might have kidnapped Decacog. Why else would he have been in the caves? Lucee suggests that he was running from someone who was trying to kill him, and the insects that attacked everyone were "just the guards". They also reveal a little of their back-story: They came from a nearby town of Ratsburg, and moved here to Rimeford because of the Theonite mines. R'Oarc has heard of Ratsburg, especially of the secret underground club, "The Lamplight". Lucee invites R'Oarc to go and check it out. After the war, of course...

Wait a second! What war? Lucee hints that a war is coming, but Selene doesn't believe them. Lucee turns their attention to Selene and tells them to drop the act. They believe Selene to be a sleeper agent for the Resistance. Why else would she be palling around with a bunch of casters? It certainly couldn't be because Selene is willfully ignorant to what's going on around her, right? Right! She is that! Lucee admits that they themselves can't do magic, which Selene is relieved to hear. They then reveal that they would love to do magic, and tells her about the Resistance, which Selene is... less relieved to hear. She warns them not to joke about things like that, especially around the other Adepts that will be here shortly. This is, actually, news to the rest of the party, who press Selene on this enough that she reveals everything to the them! She tells them all of her mission to kill Decacog, and that the Adepts are coming to ensure her mission is successful. This is, to put in bluntly, Really Fucking BadTM. If the Adepts come, they're very probably going to find out about all of the magic that's here, and kill everyone, and Selene for hiding it.

T'Chuck tries to deny being a caster, but Screech brings up the Spiritual Weapon he saw T'Chuck use. T'Chuck tries to play this off as one of Lucee's things, but Lucee doesn't help him. Instead, he reveals that occasionally, someone is born in Rimeford with magical powers, be it from a god smiling upon them, or they were born under a cursed star, or too close to a tomb, etc. The Rimefordians decided that they wouldn't do anything about that, just agreed not to train them in the ways of magic. They certainly wouldn't hand them over to the Order, to be taken as future Adepts. Selene's none too happy to hear this. The rest of them are none too pleased about the Adepts coming, so I guess they're even?

Anyway, what are they going to do about the Adepts? If they are coming because Selene failed to kill Decacog, then T'Chuck suggests they all team up to kill him together. Lucee puts a stop to that plan, though. They mention that, not only are the Adepts already on their way, but also The Farhold Trumpeter is the only publication left that's not under the control of the Order. They gave Selene the mission to kill Decacog specifically to eliminate the Trumpeter, so they would have complete control over the media! Also, even if Decacog is dead, the Adepts will probably still find out about the casters, and kill everyone anyway, so, it's a lose-lose situation. Screech decides he can't hear any more of this, and heads off into the woods.

T'Chuck is very angry at all of this, and lashes out at Selene. He accidentally uses Thaumaturgy to make his voice and body even bigger, and Selene can't deny his magic use any longer. She steps over to him...

And falls asleep. R'Oarc had cast Sleep on her, knocking her out and giving them a moment to talk to Lucee directly, now that there are no more magic haters around (Screech is actually watching from the treetops). Mostly, it's just T'Chuck revealing backstory regarding him and R'Oarc's father, a man named Steven. They had fought together during the war, and T'Chuck had made a promise to protect him. Unfortunately, one day, T'Chuck got too drunk to help Steven when he needed it, and Steven was killed. T'Chuck watched this happen, having failed in his promise. That's why he's so protective of R'Oarc now, and why he'd do anything to keep her safe, even if it means killing innocent people. R'Oarc reveals some secrets of her own: her comments about Selene's cool hair are actually code for "Do you want to provide magic to everyone in town?" Selene never picked up on that. She also mentions that she used to have a friend named "Elliott" but he moved away to Farhold. Now, she has no friends. But, Lucee wants to be her friend. They give her a stone made of Theonite, that they can use to communicate with each other. It's not magic, though, it's just Theonite.

Lucee gives them some more warnings: While they are trying to control the giant insects, the insects are still growing on their own, and one day, maybe soon, maybe in several years, but one day, the insects are going to invade Rimeford. They also warn that Selene won't be killed immediately. If the Adepts find out about any of this, they will take her back to Farhold, and hold a fake trial for her, to make it seem like legitimate justice. Then they'll kill her. Lucee leaves to return to the White Spire.

Up above, on the treetops, Screech watches over all. He, too, wants to head to the White Spire, before the others, to sneak in. He stops, however, when he hears T'Chuck below him. He's alone, and weeping. He's muttering to himself, but seems to be talking also to Steven. He apologizes for failing him, and admits that he doesn't want to run anymore, but, to keep R'Oarc safe, he knows that he must. Screech, in the Drop Bear suit, drop bears down to T'Chuck. He says that he doesn't approve of the use of magic, but does approve of family. Screech has a soft spot for parents and their children, having tragically lost his parents years ago. He makes a promise to T'Chuck that he will keep him and his daughter safe. But, he request that no one dies by magical means, having tragically lost his parents years ago to a magic user. He doesn't mind killing via any other means, but just not magic. He also confides to T'Chuck that he is also the Squirrel Man. So, he is now, officially, all of the vigilantes in town. That certainly makes things less confusing.

Screech then grapples away.


A Halfling named Lucee saves the party from the giant insects, and then there's a loooooot of exposition. Lucee is a part of the Magical Resistance, a group that wants to restore magic to the world. Not enough magic is being used, resulting in a build-up of magical phenomena, which is why the insects are growing bigger and meaner. Selene comes clean to everyone about her mission to kill Decacog, and that there are Adepts on their way to make sure she does. If the Adepts find out about the "casters", everyone, including Selene will be killed. R'Oarc puts Selene to Sleep before a fight can break out, and Lucee gives R'Oarc a Theonite Sending Stone to communicate with each other. They're best friends now. Screech becomes the Drop Bear, and comforts a distressed T'Chuck. He confides in him that Drop Bear is actually... Squirrel Man!


  • The question is asked what the war was referred to as. Previously, it's been called "The Mage Wars", although now, they use the term "The Wizard Wars". Personally, I like "Mage Wars" better, but it's fine!
  • The Wizard/Mage Wars were 20-30 years ago. It depends on how old R'Oarc is
  • T'Chuck doesn't want to go to the white spire because it's haunted, but that's why Lucee likes it.

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T'Chuck Selene von Esper R'Oarc Screech Echo General Inventory
(More than) 5 gp, 17 sp
Hunting Knife
Bear Pelt[2x02]
A stick[2x04]
R'Oarc's Quill[2x04]
Mining Hammer[2x05]
Mining Helmet[2x05]
Heavy Armor[2x06]
Theonite Collar
Various Books
Devin Decacog's ring from The Farhold Trumpeter[2x14]
Bear Skull[2x02]
Torture Knife[2x05]
D20-sized rock of Theonite[2x16]
[NEW] Theonite Sending Stone to communicate with Lucee
30,000 Dollars (not gold pieces)
Meat Flask
+1 Battle Claws[2x05]
Dirt Scooping Pen[2x13]
Grappling Hook[2x01?]
Bits of Theonite[2x16]
Various lab equipment, such as scalpels and syringes[2x16]
Several drawings of ants[2x16]

Quest Log Updates[]


  • "She's Slender-Man. Slender-Woman. Slender-Them!" ~ Nika Howard, on R'Oarc
  • "Sorry, Lucee. This has been, um, just the worst week of my life! Second worst week of my life..." ~ T'Chuck
  • "I can tell you've done improv. You have quite the personality for it." ~ T'Chuck, on Lucee
  • "It's not murder when it's done by the state!" ~ Selene von Esper


  • T'Chuck rolls Persuasion to convince Lucee to help him lie to the others - 19
    • This is probably an impossible thing.

  • Screech rolls Stealth - 18
    • He's hidden

  • R'Oarc casts Sleep on Selene - 32
    • She's asleep