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Race: Shifter
Class: Rogue (Swashbuckler)
Status: Alive
First Episode: Last Episode:
Leviathan 1 N/A
MISC Info:
*Level 5
*No tail!

Briar was a Rogue adventurer (not like, a lone traveller, but like, an adventurer who is a Rogue. You understand) who served as a reluctant personal assistant to Time That Erodes Young Love. They were forced into helping him, due to owing a favor to the "Sanguine Sundries", purveyor of fine antiquities. They (again, reluctantly) accompanied Time That Erodes Young Love into the mysterious city beneath the Razorback Mountains, after the latter was hired to investigate it by Ridley.

Appearance & Personality[]

Briar was a Shifter, with mouse-like ears, and NO TAIL! They were about 4' 6", and had slightly hairy arms, but other than that, appeared to look like a human. Just, a tiny human. Their hair was differently colored, with patches of grey and brown. They wore a cape, and used mostly they/them pronouns.

Briar was not just short in stature. They were quick to express their irritation at their captor/boss, Time That Erodes Young Love, and his various needs. They were initially wary of Pegwing Blackfeather, being that Pegwing was a large bird, and Briar was a small mouse, though the two quickly bonded over their shared love of bread crumbs.

Powers, Stats, & Abilities[]

  • Fought with a Rapier of Warning.
  • Stress = 10 (+0 modifier)
  • AC = 18